[This] conference provided further clarification on an extremely opaque subject.
- Global Product Manager
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Cyber Risk for Financial Institutions

Practical, in-depth approach to cyber security assessment and contingency planning that all finance sector risk managers can apply now

May 16 - 17, 2017  ·  Toronto, Ontario
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Featuring These Industry Experts and Many More!
Carlson Stark hanley Masson Timmins Ng
Jassal Rampado Khindria hannigan Murray Hejazi
Ensure your cyber risk management policies and practices are effective in light of changing environments and risks
  • Engage in cross-border considerations for data security, privacy protection, and data transfer
  • Address third-party vendor vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity programs
  • Take away proven business continuity principles that can apply to cyber-risk mitigation
  • Update your knowledge on the latest in emerging cyber-threats
  • Tackle cyber-risk by integrating operational risk and cyber-security
  • Learn about U.S. approaches to collaborative info-sharing in the finance industry
  • Understand where the strong and weak links are in the finance infrastructure
  • Get clarity on internal vulnerabilities, starting with employee compliance
  • Review the landscape of cybersecurity insurance options tailored to financial firm needs
  • Assess response and communication strategies for various types of cyber breaches
  • Case study: Cyber-mitigation applications that proved to be effective
  • Ensure the latest cyber red flags into your enterprise-wide controls framework
  • Hear about leveraging non-finance sector sources to flag suspicious behavior on your network
  • Achieve insights tailored to each cyber concern with data analytics
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Overall - excellent
- Senior Manager Operational Risk, BMO Financial
Great information on upcoming ORM trends.
- Senior Risk Associate, Capital One
Very good content and depth of information. Presenters were knowledgeable and good speakers.
- Manager, Operational Risk Management, Canadian Tire Financial Services
Enjoyed the conference ... it was really geared at the right level and well run.
- Director, Change Management, Bank of Montreal
Very informative/insightful.
- Senior Manager, Financial Review, Scotiabank
Content-rich, very educational. ... Speakers answered/covered all of my questions.
- Senior Manager, Bank of Montreal
Who Should Attend This Event

Risk Officers, VPs and Directors of Risk Enterprise Risk, Operations Risk, Information Security, Enterprise Risk Management, Information Technology, Information Systems, Risk, Business Continuity, Outsourcing, New Initiatives and Change Management, Internal Audit  
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Cyber-attacks are increasing in frequency and complexity, with financial institutions considered a major target by cyber criminals. No longer do you question if your organization will be breached, but when. Risk managers and second line of defense should be at the forefront of managing these risks, but with a traditional emphasis on technology leading the way in this domain, they are often in the state of catch up

INFONEX's Cyber Risk for Financial Institutions will address the evolving threat landscape in the financial industry, with an emphasis on shifting the conversation around cyber as an IT problem to one that spans the entire enterprise. Our faculty will emphasize the role of the risk manager and the specific actions that they can take to help their organizations stay ahead of the threats. They will tackle the relevant risk and control assessments to address cyber security risk and mitigating controls and provide you with guidelines for how to provide an independent challenge to the various cyber security risk assessments conducted by the first line of defence.

Hear what key risk and performance indicators and thresholds have been established for the federally regulated financial institution's key inherent cyber security risks and controls. Engage in scenario analysis to consider a material cyber-attack, mitigating actions, and identify potential control gaps. Learn how to leverage your risk expertise and appropriately assess cyber security risk within your organization's change management process.

With continued and increasing reliance on technology, the interconnectedness of the financial sector, as well as the critical role that financial institutions play in the overall economy, cyber security is growing in importance. As a risk manager, engaged in the discipline of threat mitigation, you are less daunted by emerging threats but you understand the importance of vigilance more than most. Join us in Toronto and learn how you can use your experience and insights in risk and protect your organization. Register today!

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