The seminar provided very useful info to take back to management in order to make better decisions in our use of social media tools.  
- Web Communications Advisor
Health Canada
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3rd Annual Event!

Big Data and Analytics for the Public Sector

Unlock the Value in Your Data to Enhance Evidence-Based Decision Making

October 17 - 18, 2017  ·  Ottawa, Ontario
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Environics Tableau

Confirmed Speakers Include These Experts and More:
Greenspoon Holmes Knox Usman Kluh
Contre Ionescu Knox Usman Usman
Unlock the Value in Your Data and Set Out a Strategy to Implement Big Data and Analytics in Your Organization
  • Explore different approaches for identifying useful information that can influence organizational strategy and decision making
  • Learn about different data visualization tools
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your analytics through various measurements
  • Hear insights and predictions on the future of open data and digital government
  • Determine your objectives for collecting business intelligence data key steps in strategic planning
  • Ensure your data governance procedures are up to date and effective ensuring proper privacy and collection techniques are utilized
Big Data and Analytics for the Public Sector Brochure Download Brochure as PDF File
I now know what is going on in BI space in public sector, especially with regard to big data and technology advancement.
- Senior Analyst, CRA
Provided good ideas and thoughts to take back and apply to my organization.
- Director, Finance IT,
Torstar Media Group
Excellent speakers ... Info was relevant and provided some tools I can use back on the job!
- Director, IT Management Practice,
The Economical Insurance Group
Many good ideas were presented and could be discussed in my organization.
- Senior Business Intelligence Specialist, Transport Canada
Who Should Attend This Event

  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Operations Officers
  • Directors of Analytics
  • Policy Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Officers/Analysts
  • Directors of Digital Government
  • Communications Officers
  • Data Analysts
  • Managers of Data Governance
  • Program Analysts
  • Deputy Ministers
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The amount of data that's available to government is exploding. Implementing big data projects has become an instant priority across the public sector. Big data, analytics, and business intelligence provide limitless opportunities for improving service delivery, informing policy decision-making, and boosting organizational performance. You have numerous hurdles you need to overcome though before you can take advantage of big data's opportunities. These challenges include securing organizational buy-in, complying with privacy regulations, and collaborating with different departments.

INFONEX's two-day program, Big Data and Analytics for the Public Sector, will help you understand the benefits and pitfalls of big data within a government context. Our faculty of leading experts will provide you with strategies for overcoming hurdles, securing buy-in, gathering and integrating your data, and leveraging your data to improve services and policy decisions..

Learn how to extract precious information from data that can used to make better organizational decisions. Discover strategies for getting your team on board to implement plans. Receive tips for overcoming challenges of implementing and maintaining a data governance program. Uncover ways to mitigate performance risks with business intelligence. Understand best practices for measuring the performance of technology providers. Manage legal and privacy issues surrounding business intelligence. Learn how to ensure your big data and analytics needs are servicing the fire mandates of your department.

Join us in Ottawa to learn the best practices for collecting and leveraging big data and analytics. Register today!

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