Provided good ideas and thoughts to take back and apply to my organization.
- Director, Finance IT
Torstar Media Group
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Digital Finance

Strategies and Analytics for Accounting, Treasury, Corporate Finance

September 26 - 27, 2017  ·  Toronto, Ontario
Featuring These Industry Experts!
Chandra Moch Kristal Wen Butt
Bener Bembenek Sinha Chagani Lancaster
Best Practices for Using Data and Analytics for Your Finance and Accounting Functions
  • Learn how new opportunities to store and analyze data from disparate sources are driving many leaders to change their decision-making processes
  • Get strategies for improving quality and relevance of accounting information with big data
  • Examine lessons learned from companies that have deploued predictive analytics tools
  • Discuss how you can legally optimize and harness the value of consumer data while complying with privacy legislation
  • Understand the benefits of blockchain technology for security and learn about its risks
  • Explore innovative uses for big data and analytics in finance and accounting functions
  • Learn how behavioural science can make the most our of your data and maximize your ROI
  • Acknowledge how best practices are being improved upon
  • Learn best practices in integrating big data and analytics in auditing approaches
  • Using predictive analytics to make forecasts for strategic advantage
  • Get tips for building analytics capability within your organization
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Who Should Attend This Event

  • CFOs
  • Senior Managers
  • Directors and Managers of IT
  • Directors of Corporate Accounting
  • Accountants and Auditors for Issuers
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting Managers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Regulatory Compliance Officers
  • Corporate Performance, Evaluation, and Accountability Personnel
  • IT Security Officers
  • Accounting Personnel
  • Financial Services and Financial Compliance Personnel
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