The seminar provided very useful info to take back to management in order to make better decisions in our use of social media tools. - Web Communications Advisor, Health Canada
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Recruiting and Retaining Tech Talent

Develop Your Digital Talent Strategy to Attract In-Demand Skills

September 19 - 20, 2017  ·  Toronto, Ontario
Three Key Benefits of Attending
Don't get left behind on fast-paced changes in tech recruitment
Get varied perspectives on sourcing, recruiting and retaining top talent
Actionable, practical take-aways to improve your action plan
Featuring These Industry Experts and Many More!
Johnston Morgan Horgan Wiemer
Androsoff Saric Wolentarski Hickes
Coopman Tierney Brooks Jain
Duffy Ward Hughes Molina Shaharris
Hear practitioners and thought leaders address your current IT-specific recruitment challenges
  • Learn to apply analytics in your sourcing efforts
  • Adapt your application process to the tech-savvy candidate
  • Hear how the rise of the gig economy will impact your recruitment strategy
  • Uncover government initiatives to draw top global talent
  • Explore legal avenues for facilitating foreign candidate recruitment
  • Hear case studies from public sector, private sector and the start-up sector
  • Leverage proven marketing principles to your recruitment efforts
  • Discover onboarding strategies tailored to the tech expert that drive engagement
  • Engage your tech leaders in team growing efforts
  • Recognize the changing skill set of the HR recruiter don't get left behind
  • Adapt your talent strategy to hyper growth mode
  • Understand HACKATHON do's and don'ts for talent scoping
  • Get insights into the candidate mindset by tech leaders themselves
  • Explore the co-op mechanism for your talent strategy
  • Critique career progress strategies to retain your star employees
  • Learn lessons in employer brand campaigns that win and fail
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Lots of different experiences to draw from...practical ideas to help me and my organization.
- Manger, Employee Development, Fortis Alberta
Provided good ideas and thoughts to take back and apply to my organization.
- Director, Finance IT,
Torstar Media Group
Excellent speakers ... Info was relevant and provided some tools I can use back on the job!
- Director, IT Management Practice,
The Economical Insurance Group
Who Should Attend This Event

  • Chief HR Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • HR Directors, Managers, Recruiters
  • IT Team Leaders
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Building digital capacity at your firm is no longer a question, it is a definite. You need to build a strong technology workforce. As usage of mobile, social and analytics permeates the breadth of every function across your organization, the demand for specialized skills increases. Companies compete for the best talent, with new categories of players, and the standard path for recruitment and retention is in the midst of a disruption. You need to capitalize on this disruption and win the war for talent.

INFONEX's two-day Recruiting and Retaining Tech Talent will identify which tech skills are the most relevant, and what to expect in the future. You will hear how companies are including digital skills as part of their workforce plan and actualizing results. You will walk away with tools to equip your HR departments with strategies for sourcing digital talent, and growing your digital teams. Armed with extra insights, you will pick up the pace to attract and retain top talent and be best positioned to shape a workforce with the skills required for the future.

Sourcing the talent needed for the future won't be easy. Not only are skilled IT workers difficult to find, their skills may be mismatched for future requirements in a digital era. HR leaders are in the best position to solve this problem. As HR leaders, you have been honing the discipline of matching talent to organizational needs as a matter of practice. Your contributions to the strategic growth of your organization have never been more in focus.

Define a new talent vision for your organization. Ensure the vision is aligned with the new reality. Attend Recruiting and Retaining Tech Talent and hear from thought leaders, experienced practitioners and tech candidates themselves, and establish an action plan to acquire the skills that will reap you the benefits of human talent intelligent technology. Register today!

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