Every topic and presentation was interesting and informative. - Housing Maintenance Coordinator
Cree Nation of Mistissini

Housing Policy and Management for Indigenous Communities

Meet Your Community's Housing Needs and Help Your Community Develop and Grow

November 28 - 29, 2017  ·  Vancouver, British Columbia
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Managing housing in Indigenous communities is more complex and challenging than ever before. To build desperately needed sustainable, affordable and well-maintained housing you need to know about innovative funding and financing options, new ways of accessing capital, new ways of generating revenue and how best practices in building, repair and maintenance lead to long term cost savings. In some instances, failure to become conversant and knowledgeable in these critical areas can have a devastating effect on your community.

INFONEX's Housing Policy and Management for Indigenous Communities will be the ideal forum for finding solutions to problems. Our faculty of subject matter experts and indigenous community housing managers will draw upon real-world examples and provide action-oriented solutions that will allow you to begin working on improvements in housing immediately. You will return to your office with the tools, strategies and information you need to provide better housing opportunities for your residents.

Delegates to this training event will learn how to develop effective housing policies; what it takes to establish rent as a new and independent source of revenue; how to take advantage of innovative funding and financing models; what best practices in building, repair and maintenance look like today and how to comply with the relevant building codes and standards. You will leave with the most up-to-date information available anywhere on the newest innovations including passive housing, new ways of handling repairs and maintenance and new forms of leasing that can provide members with value and independence as an improvement over government guarantees and big-brother actions.

Now is an exciting time in the world of Indigenous Community housing. New opportunities are emerging for Indigenous communities, but with those come new challenges and responsibilities. Join us in Vancouver to enhance your housing policy and practices, and learn strategies to help provide better housing to your residents and encourage the growth of your community. Register today!

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