An excellent compendium of controls and risk frameworks, models, and approaches. - Senior Auditor, RCMP

Public Sector Internal Controls

Managing Internal Controls to Safeguard Your Organization's Reputation

May 29 - 30, 2018  ·  Ottawa, Ontario
Get Insight on Current Issues and Best Practices for Managing Your Internal Controls
  • Identify and communicate over-control and control deficiencies
  • Learn how to conduct an Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (ICFR) assessment
  • Increase your organization's awareness of the relationship between enterprise risk management, internal audit and internal controls
  • Improve the operating effectiveness of your entity-level controls
  • Review the potential for cyber attacks against your organization and select appropriate counter measures
  • Explore the increased need for data analytics
  • Improve your procedures for mitigating outsourcing risks: learn how to set standards for outsourced providers and monitor performance
  • Integrate anti-fraud practices into your risk management programs
  • Learn how to successfully prepare for and conduct fraud investigations
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A Snapshot of Previous Participants

Who Has Presented at Our Public Sector Internal Controls Events:
Arreaza Meilleur Miner Qureshi McEvoy Lark
Leblanc Chui Chopowick Nishikawa Lawrie
Wilcox Debenham Sandhu Lasky Snook Rollins
Masand Boucher Weiss Braeuer O'Keefe Pavlov
Tess Lake Mathews Mathews Cheng Hartley
Presentations were directly related to my objective to know more about the internal controls environment and particularly the assessment process, and the certification of internal controls!
- Director
Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency
Great info! Valuable. It gave me the tools to create internal controls documentation!
- Senior Financial Analyst
Department of National Defence
I understand more on the subject and learned how integrated risk management is applied in other organizations.
- Corporate Planning Analyst
Statistics Canada
Who Should Attend This Event

  • Internal Controls Directors, Managers and Analysts
  • Internal Audit Professionals
  • Corporate Performance, Evaluation, and Accountability Personnel
  • Risk Management Professionals
  • Accounting Personnel
  • Assurance Services
  • Advisory Services
  • Quality Assurance Professionals
  • Financial Services and Financial Compliance Personnel
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Undetected fraud, non-compliance with relevant regulations, misleading financial reports: the consequences of ineffective internal controls can be devastating. The key to security is to fend off complacency by ongoing and active diligence in internal controls at all levels of the organization.

Infonex has developed Public Sector Internal Controls to ensure you have the information, skills and awareness you need to safeguard your reputation and your organization's. Our prestigious faculty of leading risk and control experts will provide a complete, in-depth update, practical and specific examples, emerging trends and best practices in controls, risk and governance to help you deal with implementation, testing, and ongoing effectiveness of controls from the entity level right down to the management of a fraud-detection hotline.

You will get an overview of what the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat expects of federal departments, how it has adapted internal control management to the federal context and how the policy is evolving. You will learn how to assess the effectiveness of an organization's accountability framework, analyze a case study of how TD Bank Group assesses ineffective IT general controls that can impact application controls, and get tips for eliminainge over-control. You will leave knowing how a fraud reporting hotline can work for you, the elements of an effective fraud management program, best practices for internal controls in the procurement proces,s and how and why ongoing monitoring through data analytics can be used to detect inappropriate activity and fraud.

Join us in Ottawa and ensure your ability to deliver best practices in accountability as a public sector organization. The information you receive and the people you will meet, speakers and attendees alike, will provide information that will be of practical value immediately and in the months and years ahead. Register today!

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