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Digital Government

Transformation through Innovation

November 6 - 7, 2018  ·  Toronto, Ontario
Featuring These Industry Experts
Dan Batista, Executive Director, Institute for Citizen-Centered Service

Dan Batista comes to the ICCS from the Government of Canada where he was the Senior Director of Service Delivery and Partnerships in the Small Business branch of Industry Canada (IC). As the Senior Director, he was responsible for managing key services to small businesses and entrepreneurs including the Canada Business Network, BizPaL and a number of web-based information products. In addition, Dan led the Service for Business initiative at IC, which included the development of the departmental service strategy, the establishment of a user-centred design service lab and the advancement of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) business number as the federal government's common business identifier. Prior to becoming Senior Director of Service Delivery and Partnerships, Dan held several Director level positions related to online service delivery, innovation and trade within Industry Canada and Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

Chrystia Chudczak, Executive Director, ISED Innovation Lab

Chrystia Chudczak has worked as a public servant for over 30 years and debuted as a Legislative Assistant for a Member of Parliament in the House of Commons. Most recently, she was the Assistant Commissioner of the Northern Pipeline Agency (NPA), where she was responsible for restarting and scaling a federal agency mandated to regulate the building of the Alaskan Gas Highway pipeline. She officially came aboard the Innovation Lab in October 2015. Chrystia holds an MPA from Carleton University and an MBA from the University of Ottawa. She completed a BA in Soviet and Eastern European studies from Carleton and a BA in Visual arts from UOttawa. She worked for one year as a lecturer and teaching assistant at Ottawa University's Introduction to Public Administration course for undergraduates. She has worked as a Senior Strategy Consultant at Price Waterhouse Coopers in Ottawa and is also a professional documentary photographer and runs her own business.

Natasha Clarke, Executive Director, Digital Services, Service Nova Scotia

Natasha Clarke has over 20 years of experience leading transformational initiatives for the public sector. Since joining the Nova Scotia Government in 2009, Natasha has championed multiple integrated service delivery initiatives for Service Nova Scotia and its partners. In her Digital Services role, Natasha is leading a team focused on human centered service design and building service experiences for Nova Scotian's that are just simple, clear and easy. Natasha is a board member of the Institute for Citizen Centre Service (ICCS), and is the co-chair of the Public Sector Service Delivery Council of Canada (PSSDC). Prior to her joining the Nova Scotia Government, Natasha worked as a management consultant in the private sector where she focused on partnering with public/private sector clients to enable their business transformation and process improvement projects.

Honey Dacanay, Senior Advisor, Digital Government, Ontario Cabinet Office

Honey Dacanay has had increasing responsibilities with communications and policy projects with the Ontario Government since 2009. She has experience managing high-profile policy, communications and information technology projects and teams and a solid reputation for doing government differently.

Libby Douglas, Director General, Service Delivery Program Management, Veterans Affairs Canada

Libby is responsible to build and advance on-line services, e-services and service delivery at Veterans Affairs Canada. In this role, she introduced and integrated human centric design capacity and usability principles into service program design and implementation. She has worked to advance the use of VAC's on-line portal, My VAC Account, by over 1000% in the last three years. Libby has expertise in service policy, program management and delivery. She also brings expertise in web policy, accessibility and usability. Libby is passionate about the advancement of service excellence using on-line tools.

Dorothy Eng, Director, Partnerships, Code for Canada

Dorothy Eng helps governments to work with corporations, nonprofits and residents to leverage technology and design in order to improve people's lives at scale. As a co-founder of Civic Tech Toronto, she has always pursued a passion for community building. Prior to this role, she was a Product Manager at Architech and a Technology Consultant at Accenture. As Director of Partnerships at Code for Canada, Dorothy helps governments create cultural and structural change via the Code for Canada fellowship program - which connects governments with Canada's tech talent to build great services for the public and digital capacity within government teams.

Paul Lopes, Creative Director, Thinking Big

Paul Lopes is a partner and the Creative Director of Thinking Big. During Paul's many years of experience in the web applications space, Paul has filled roles as creative director, architect, web graphics designer, project lead, analyst, and developer, but his specialty is User Experience Design. Paul guides and coaches clients to keep users at the center of all application and process design and is an evangelist for prototyping and user testing. Thinking Big is an agile and innovative team of more than 80 senior IT consultants from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. They have been supporting government departments with strategic digital services for more than eight years. They are also passionate about R&D - doing cool stuff to with the latest technologies. Thinking Big is currently stretching their minds with artificial intelligence and machine learning research.

Mithula Naik, Digital Services Innovation Team, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Mithula Naik is the design research lead at the Canadian Digital Service, a newly formed digital delivery unit housed at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. In this role, Mithula advances strategic design as a tool to inform and inspire user centered values in the Canadian public sector. This is shaped by her trans-disciplinary expertise in design methodologies, ethnography, business strategy, and systems thinking in the public, private and academic sectors. Mithula's passion for product, service and policy innovation is driven by a fundamental concern with identifying the unmet needs of people in specific socio-cultural contexts. Previously, Mithula was the Design Researcher at the Privy Council Office's Innovation Hub. Mithula holds a masters degree (M.Design) in Strategic Foresight and Innovation from OCAD University, Canada, and a bachelors in Product and Interface Design from Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, India.

Gabe Sawhney, Executive Director, Code for Canada

As an innovation strategist, Gabe helps organizations to discover emerging opportunities, build consensus, and navigate ambiguity. As a creative technologist, he explores and tests ideas using functional prototypes, to imagine future use cases, assess user experience, and build buy-in. His research work has included organizational change, product innovation, corporate sustainability, technological and cultural trends, data visualization, and the future of financial services, the media and entertainment industries, and location-based games.

Bianca Wylie, Head, Open Data Institute Toronto and Associate Expert, Open North

Bianca Wylie has a dual background in technology and public engagement. She worked for several years in the tech sector in operations, training, infrastructure, and product management, most recently at Thomson Reuters. As a professional facilitator at Swerhun Inc., she designed, delivered and supported public consultation processes for various governments and government agencies. Bianca founded the Open Data Institute Toronto in 2014. She frequently organizes workshops and data events. Past and current partners include: the Ontario Nonprofit Network, The Institute of Public Administration of Canada, and The Toronto Public Library. She is a guest lecturer and speaker on open data, open government, and public consultation. Bianca is also a co-founder of Civic Tech Toronto.




Digital innovation in government is not a new concept, however Canada is playing catch up with other governments internationally, who have been leaders in this field for many years. With that said, Canada is recognizing the growing need for digital innovation in the public sector, and there are many examples of best practices currently being utilized throughout the country. Through these digital innovations, governments will be able to extend their reach, become more efficient, and enhance their service delivery for citizens and businesses.

INFONEX's Digital Government: Transformation through Innovation, a two-day professional-development event, has been designed to provide delegates with all the updates on best practices from various levels of government, throughout Canada. You will be able to better understand whether your organization is ready to become a digital disruptor, leverage innovations, and adapt to citizens evolving expectations.

Attend this event to get insight from municipal, provincial, and federal case studies. Learn about the benefits open data portals for sharing data and where you need to focus your strategic plans for service delivery. Get tips for recruiting and retaining tech talent to ensure you can build capacity to meet your departmental objectives in the digitial sphere.

Digital Government 2018 will allow you to benefit from the thought-provoking discussions, need-to-know updates, and will help you develop practical tool kits to foster transformative innovation in the public sector. Register today!

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