From the structure to the content of the conference to the speakers, it was a very informative, interesting, and very beneficial conference. A very well-organized conference, and an excellent job done by the chairs. - Regional Emergency Manager
Ontario Provincial Government
18th Annual Event!

Canadian BCP & Emergency Management

Manage Emerging Threats to Your Organization and Get Actionable Strategies

January 29 - 30, 2019  ·  Ottawa, Ontario
Last Year's Day One Program (2018)
8:00 - 9:00        Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:00 - 9:10
Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Co-Chairs
Des O'Callaghan, Fellow, Business Continuity Institute
Vito Mangialardi, Senior Manager, Enterprise Business Continuity Management, METROLINX
9:10 - 10:10
Addressing Counterterrorism in a Canadian Context
Mubin Shaikh, MPICT, National Security and Counterterrorism Expert
  • Understanding radicalization and violent extremism
  • Hear about terrorist cell structures and dynamics
  • Prevention considerations related to ISIS on social media
  • Learn about Red Teaming
  • Protecting Canadians
10:10 - 10:30        Networking Break
10:30 - 11:30
Reflections on BC Wildfires: Response and Coordination
Kevin A. Skrepnek, Chief Fire Information Officer, BC Wildfire Service, Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resources Operations and Rural Development
  • Ensure you are a trusted source of information
  • Identify when and how to get communicating
  • What to prioritize
  • Sustain communication for an extended period of time
  • Social media best practices
  • Community engagement
  • When there is lack of information
  • Managing the approval process in a timely manner
11:30 - 12:30
Advancing Situational Awareness and Inter-Agency Coordination with Interoperability
Jim Garland, Executive Director, Alberta Health Services
  • How technology interoperability leads organizations to further collaboration and resource sharing
  • How consolidation, Big Data, digital communications, and other trends are changing control rooms
  • How the consolidation of AHS has created better situational awareness
  • The best practices AHS has learned during the interoperability process
12:30 - 1:30        Luncheon Break
1:30 - 2:30
Spring Flooding 2017 Gatineau: Lessons Learned
Gaëtan L.Lessard, Regional Director, Civil Security and Fire Safety, Ministry of Public Security (the Outaouais, Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Nord-du-Québec
Jean Savard, Head, Center of Government Operations, Ministry of Public Security
  • Slow build to critical tipping point
  • Determining when to declare an emergency
  • Armed forces deployment
  • Protecting dikes and walls of protection
  • Supplying shelters
  • Maintaining traffic on critical arteries
  • Lessons learned
2:30 - 2:45        Networking Break
2:45 - 3:45
Ottawa's Reponse to Spring Flooding 2017
Pierre Poirier, Manager, Security and Emergency Management, Emergency and Protective Services, City of Ottawa
  • Assess unanticipated and anticipated variables to the Ottawa response
  • Hear how historical infrastructure decisions mitigated disaster
  • Communication strategies deployed
  • Lessons learned
3:45 - 4:30
Facilitated Open Discussion
Hot Topics in Emergency Management and Business Continuity Planning
Des O'Callaghan, Fellow, Business Continuity Institute
Vito Mangialardi, Senior Manager, Enterprise Business Continuity Management, METROLINX
4:30        End of Day One



The emergency management and business continuity fields are always evolving and adapting to the latest threats. These threats have become harder to prepare for and harder to predict. As someone who is responsible or emergency and business continuity planning, you have to prepare your organization to respond to emerging threats like cyber attacks, terrorist, and major weather events. As these threats have evolved, so has the need to collaborate with organizations and colleagues across the country.

INFONEX's two-day course, Canadian BCP & Emergency Management event has been redesigned to provide more opportunities for interactive discussion and collaboration. Our audience-led discussion will allow you to network with you colleagues and work together on overcoming challenges. Our faculty of leading experts will provide you with best practices and new case studies. They'll also take the time to answer all of your questions one-on-one.

Put plans in place to prepare for and respond to cyber attacks, active shooter incidents, and weather events. Evaluate the effectiveness of your exercises, drills, and lockdown procedures. Integrate business continuity and emergency management strategies. Learn critical lessons and best practices from first-hand case studies.

In order to meet the newest emergency management challenges, the industry needs to take a more collaborative approach. Our new interactive format will provide you with the opportunity to work through your challenges with your colleagues and learn from their case studies and experiences. Join us in Ottawa and ensure that you're ready to confront the emerging challenges that your organization will face. Register today!

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