A lot of excellent information was presented. Great resource material to follow up on.
- AVP, Financial Services
University of Saskatchewan


Case Studies and Interactive Practical Sessions to Take You to the Next Level

February 26 - 27, 2019  ·  Ottawa, Ontario
Best Practices and Case Studies for Growing GBA+ Capacity
  • Ensure the quality of your gender based analysis plus
  • Learn how to develop a process and methodology to write your GBA+
  • Benefit from informative case studies from Indigenous and Northern Affairs, Public Services and Procurement, Public Health Agency and more
  • Get advice and ideas on process and methodology where data exists in your system
  • Find out where to look for other reliable sources of existing data
  • Learn how to proceed when GBA+ considerations are not readily apparent
  • Find out how to run a productive consultation process to obtain the data you need
  • Learn to dig deeper for richer insights
A Snapshot of Previous Participants

These Experts Have Taken Part in Our GBA+ Events:
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Building on a Tradition of Success: Here's What Delegates Say about Our Public Sector Events:

Fascinating and relevant, very knowledgeable.
- Manager, People Effectiveness
House of Commons
Excellent presentation overall. Very informative and useful information.
- Project Officer
Canada Revenue Agency
eally liked it! Looking forward to apply what I've learned within my organization...Great variety of subjects, case studies, and insights.
- Communications Officer
Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
Many good ideas were presented and could be discussed in my organization.
- Senior Business Intelligence Specialist
Transport Canada
Who Should Attend This Event

  • Directors General
  • Deputy Ministers and Assistant Deputy Ministers
  • Policy Advisors
  • Policy Analysts
  • Policy Developers
  • Program Officers
  • Memo to Cabinet Writers
  • GBA+ Point of Contact
  • Strategic Planning Officers
  • Policy Researchers/Academics
  • Policy Writers
  • Regulatory Analysts
  • GBA+ Champions and Units
  • GBA+ Consultants
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Budget 2017's Gender Statement sets out how decisions made in the current budget were informed by gender considerations. With this historic statement, the government of Canada has signaled its renewed commitment to reviewing policies, programs, services and legislation for gender-specific impacts.

Every policy, law or regulation going to cabinet must be viewed through the gender lens taking age, income, culture, ethnicity and other intersecting factors into account. And where a policy impacts women and/or other population groups negatively, policy analysts must turn their minds to developing effective mitigation plans.

As government analysts work toward this goal, daunting challenges emerge. What if no relevant gender disaggregated data exists? Where do you look to find other data that can be useful? How do you run a consultation process that will provide reliable qualitative data? What do you do to develop and share the data with others who need it? How far must you go if gender does not seem relevant to a policy?

INFONEX's GBA+ will be the ideal forum for discussing and sharing ideas to help find solutions to these complex problems. A faculty of GBA+ analysts will draw on their experience to offer examples and provide ideas that will help you think outside the box for innovative solutions. Information experts will help you identify reliable sources of existing data you may never have heard of including surveys, administrative and academic databases and data drawn from big projects that have been completed. You will learn how to invest in long-term data collection and how to partner with Statistics Canada to expand existing resources. You will learn to run a consultation process that results in information that is relevant to you today and learn how to share it with others who may need it tomorrow. You will return to your office refreshed and inspired by new ideas and new contacts.

Join experts from government and other sectors who have the important information, insights and strategies you need to meet the complex challenge ahead. Find out what other departments, agencies and provincial governments are doing in this area. Register now and the up-front investment of time will allow you to perform with confidence in the months and years ahead. Register today!

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