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Indigenous Housing & Infrastructure

December 4 - 5, 2018  ·  Vancouver, British Columbia
Confirmed Speakers for 2018 Include:
Cossey Planes Thompson Mah Tokarek Slick
Bourque Stewart O'Brien Sadler Anderson Moore
Dick Winder Daniels
Leading experts and innovators will share their insights so you can
  • See the cannabis industry as a potentially powerful new revenue stream for much-improved housing
  • Strengthen good governance to provide a strong foundation for housing
  • Accelerate progress with an effective housing policy
  • Discover alternative financing sources and models for a faster route to success
  • Hear how you can benefit from a “costing approach” developed by on indigenous community in B.C
  • Understand the full spectrum of on-reserve land Code and non-Code transactions
  • Know the options available for leasing to non-members and developers
  • Make rental into a consistent and permanent revenue stream
  • Hear about leading innovations in sustainable, affordable housing
  • Create the emergency plans you need to safeguard your community.
  • Manage the challenges ahead with confidence!
Indigenous Housing Brochure Download Brochure as PDF File
Who Should Attend This Event

  • Chiefs and Councillors
  • Directors/Managers of Housing
  • Executives and Program Directors
  • Housing Coordinators
  • Tenant Relations Officers
  • Housing Administrators
  • Policy Advisors and Analysts
  • Directors and Managers of Finance and Operations
  • Directors and Managers of Land Management
  • Band Managers
  • Renovations Coordinators
  • CMHC/AANDC Account Coordinators
  • Housing Inspectors
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In order to build desperately needed sustainable, affordable and well-maintained housing you need to know about traditional and alternative financing, new ways of accessing capital, new ways of generating revenue and how best practices in building, repair and maintenance lead to long term cost savings. Failure to understand developments in these critical areas can have a devastating effect on your entire community.

INFONEX's Indigenous Housing 2018 will be the ideal forum for finding solutions to problems that keep you awake at night. Our faculty of subject matter experts and indigenous community housing managers will draw upon real-world examples and provide action-oriented solutions that will allow you to begin working on improvements in housing immediately. You will return to your office with the new tools, strategies and information you need to provide better housing opportunities for your residents.

Delegates to this conference will:

  • hear how some communities are developing new cannabis related revenue streams to fund housing development, maintenance and repair
  • learn how strong governance supports a comprehensive housing policy and what makes a housing policy effective
  • see what it takes to establish rent as a new and independent source of revenue
  • learn how to take advantage of innovative alternative funding and financing models
  • see what best practices in building, repair and maintenance look like today and how to comply with the relevant building codes and standards

You will leave with the most up-to-date information anywhere available on kick-starting progressive housing in your community so that you can make a real difference to the lives of your residents.

This is an important and not-to-be-missed opportunity to hear from some of the foremost experts and most innovative bands willing to share their experiences with you. You will leave miles ahead of where you started and armed with crucial information, fresh ideas and extended know-how.   This is an investment of time and money in your own expertise that will leave you feeling inspired, confident and able to really make a difference.

Take a moment to review the agenda and Register today!

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