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Strategic Policy Development for The Public Sector

Develop policies that will spark interest and make change

May 22 - 23, 2019 · Ottawa, Ontario
A Snapshot of Previous Participants
These Experts Have Taken Part in Our Previous Policy Events
Adams Ahmed Fyfe Graham Jarvis
Mitchell Nicholson Preiss Watters Wilfert

Learn best practices in preparing policies within the public sector
  • How to align private interests with public funding: bridging the gap with great policy
  • Writing inclusive copy
  • Building bipartisan policy for universal support
  • Top-down policy implementation: how national policies effect provinces and municipalities
  • How gender figures into policy creation
  • Survey protocols; getting the most out of crowd sourced information
  • Culminating support across municipalities and provinces through targeted policy development strategies
  • Writing marketable policy
  • How oversight bodies’ recommendations will aid in your policy development
  • Uniting multiple interest groups under one cause
  • Blockchain implementation
Who Should Attend This Event

  • Policy Advisors and Analysts
  • Policy Development Directors and Managers
  • Strategic Planning Advisor and Analysts
  • Program Officers
  • Policy Researchers and Academics
  • Partners in Other Sectors: Private, NGOs
  • Policy Consultants
  • Directors of Policy
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In attempting to develop meaningful policy, finding balance between special interests and political agendas can be difficult to navigate. Whether you have issues finding proper funding, aligning your policies with the right departments and organizations, or drafting strong and persuasive copy, you risk deterring potential partnerships, missing implementation deadlines, and failing your constituents with any wrong move. Without the expediency of a streamlined workflow, your policies are at continuous risk of falling into obsolescence and obscurity.

At Infonex’s “Strategic Policy Development for the Public Sector’ conference, public sector professionals will shed light on the shifting landscape of policy development. From the implementation of policies ranging from the municipal to the federal levels, hear from policy development professionals on everything from the gender based analysis process, to networking protocols to find the strongest partnerships throughout the government, to the specifics of policies concerning the opioid crisis, national homelessness issues, climate change, and immigration. This in-depth educative event will focus on real cases offering you proven strategies that ensure your policies are properly developed, ensuring their implementation.

These seasoned policy advisors and developers will guide you through the tangled web of policy implementation from the ground up, showing you how to expedite the surveying and data collection process, how to write the best policy copy that will capture your audience’s attention, how to procure partnerships on multiple levels of government, and how to acquire funding throughout the public sphere. The focus maintains a push for shared experiences and strategies that have been proven to improve your chances at having your policies taken seriously by those that can make nation-wide change, thereby bettering your profile and impressing your constituents and partnerships.

Don’t wait! Sign up today and be a part of the policy development conversation so you too might effect change nation-wide.

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