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University of Saskatchewan

Building the Future of Infrastructure

Defining a roadmap for optimizing infrastructure planning, implementation and operation

May 14 - 15, 2019 · Toronto, Ontario
Two days of expert advice on preparing for the future of infrastructure implementation

  • Hear the vision statement for 2030
  • Be briefed on Ontario’s Long Term Infrastructure Plan
  • Public transit is integral to the future - find out where we’re going
  • Case studies in Smart City and IoT infrastructure implementation
  • Project management is evolving to meet the demands
  • Funding the future - the smart options to succeed
  • Consolidating long term planning

Who Should Attend This Event

  • Federal, provincial and municipal governments
  • Management Consultant and Financial Firms
  • Construction/infrastructure companies on all levels
  • Project Management companies and professionals
  • Professional Engineering Associations
  • PPP agencies
  • Infrastructure Directors of the Public Sector
  • Public Sector civil engineers, designers and urban planners
  • IoT / Smart City / IT / fibre optic infrastructure companies
  • Ethics / civic groups involved in future planning
  • Pension fund managers involved in infrastructure investment

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The next era of infrastructure must be more integrated, responsive, faster, secure, and resilient through innovative planning, financing, completion, and operation. A daunting challenge but it’s possible in an era of forward-looking designers, engineers, policy makers, and financiers.

Infonex is hosting a two-day inaugural event in Toronto on "Building The Future of Infrastructure". Hear from speakers who are at the centre of driving infrastructural planning in regions across Canada and the world. Join us for this collaborative event which will examine the roadmap for optimizing infrastructure planning, implementation and operation.

Save the date: May 14-15 2019 and we’ll see you in Downtown Toronto!

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