From the structure to the content of the conference to the speakers, it was a very informative, interesting, and very beneficial conference. A very well-organized conference, and an excellent job done by the chairs. - Regional Emergency Manager
Ontario Provincial Government
18th Annual Event!

Canadian BCP & Emergency Management

Manage Emerging Threats to Your Organization and Get Actionable Strategies

January 29 - 30, 2019  ·  Ottawa, Ontario
Day One - Tuesday January 29, 2019
8:00 - 9:00        Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:00 - 9:15
Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Co-Chairs
Des O'Callaghan, Fellow, Business Continuity Institute
Vito Mangialardi, Senior Manager, Enterprise Business Continuity Management, METROLINX
9:15 - 10:00
What Happened in Vegas...October 1 Mass Shooting: Experience and Lessons Learned
Carolyn M. Levering, Emergency Management Administrator, Administrative Services, Office of Emergency Management, City of Las Vegas

The worst shooting attack in modern US history rocked Las Vegas to its core. We all knew we were a target for terrorism, and for many years we worked towards preventing and responding to a variety of scenarios. But no single training, exercise or drill could fully prepare us for this tragedy. Experience the response and recovery efforts before, during and after the 1 October Shooting from the Route 91 Festival pre-planning through the memorials and survivor outreach activities still underway.

10:00 - 11:15
The Ottawa Tornadoes: Big Data, Response, Aftermath and Lessons Learned
Anthony Di Monte, General Manager, Emergency and Protective Services, City of Ottawa
Greg Furlong, Deputy Chief, Ottawa Paramedic Service
  • What happened?
  • Complexity of response: Mobilization of all City services
  • Emergency Operations Centre goes into high gear
  • Telecommunications, politics and media
  • What it takes to coordinate an emergency response and relief effort across one of the largest geographical municipalities in Canada
  • Challenges one may face along the way
11:15 - 11:30        Networking Break
11:30 - 12:15
The Auditors Are Coming! Assessing / Evaluating and Auditing Your Business Continuity Management Program to Advance to the Next Level
Trent Abbott, Senior Advisor and BCM Practitioner, Government of Canada (Formerly Treasury Board Secretariat)
  • Let’s focus on the positive takeaways, not the negative
    • Why assessment, evaluation and audit activities are an integral part of an effective business continuity management (BCM) program
  • How findings and corrective actions will drive your organization’s objectives, as well as help progress the maturity and capability of your BCM program
  • Quantifying the weaknesses or non-conformances of BCM program and opportunities for improvement
12:15 - 1:15        Luncheon Break
1:15 - 2:15
Climate Change: What Ottawa Has Learned
Martha Robinson, Program Development Officer, Ottawa Public Health

Climate change is a growing concern. Find out how City of Ottawa plans and responds to what can be deadly heat:

  • Systems in use for warnings and responses to heat emergencies
  • Identification of a lead agency and participating organizations
  • Use of a consistent, standardized warning system activated and deactivated according to weather conditions
  • Use of communication and public education
  • Implementation of response activities targeting high-risk populations
  • Collection and evaluation of information
  • Revising plans based on experience and learnings from other municipalities
2:15 - 2:30        Networking Break
2:30 - 3:15
Hidden Hazard: Data coordination in Emergency Management
Sarah Thompson, Risk Management Specialist, Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management | AEM | ABCP |

Big data and analytics present myriad possibilities for emergency management specialists and first responders. However, most current approaches assume the existence of capacity, expertise, and a policy structure to manage the data. How do we overcome this hidden risk of emergency management?

3:15 - 3:45
Update on Terrorism in Canada
Christian Rousseau, Executive Director, Integrated Threat Assessment Centre (Canada) (ITAC)
  • The evolution of terrorist threats in Canada
  • Current problems confronting the country
  • Likely future directions of terrorism in Canada
  • How should practitioners prepare for the likely problems they will encounter?
3:45 - 4:30
Meeting the Challengers, Managing Risks, Taking Advantage of New Opportunities: Business Continuity Management At the Royal Canadian Mint
David Wright, CBCP, Business Continuity Manager, Royal Canadian Mint
  • Proactive identification, assessment and management of security risks for current and planned Mint business operations
  • Strategic programs to ensure the protection of RCM human, physical (infrastructure and product) intellectual and reputational assets
  • How RCM responds to unplanned and/or emergency situations
  • Protective Services and the Mint
  • Supply Chain Management integration with BCP
4:30        End of Day One









The current environment poses more threats than ever before! Dramatic climate change and the resulting increase in dangerous events including heat-related deaths, record setting rain fall and flooding, hurricanes and tornadoes; Terrorism and seemingly random violence that seem to come out of the blue; the ever present risk to cyber security in a society completely dependent on in tact cyber space and vulnerable to threats from an infinite number of sources.

As the professional responsible for emergency and business continuity planning in your organization, you need to be prepared to respond professionally to this unlimited list of ever-changing, ever-expanding threats. You need to leverage the latest, most innovative and effective ways of protecting your business, as well as the latest best practices in continuity planning and emergency management. You, your reputation, individual safety and your organization are all at risk. Take active steps now to reinforce and expand your strength and capacity and reduce vulnerability in this important area.

INFONEX's two-day course, Canadian BCP & Emergency Management, is specifically designed to provide what you need to do your job as effectively as possible. A faculty of experienced BCP and Emergency Management experts will share insights derived from their own experiences and understanding of best practices and the latest innovations in the field.

Attendees will learn what others have learned the hard way in the wake of violence, heat and weather-related deaths. You will learn how to use BCP to build resilience and adapt to climate change. You will hear how to conduct BCP audits that can provide the feedback necessary to take your organization to the next level. You will learn how to develop and implement an effective emergency management strategy, use social media to enable volunteering, protect critical infrastructure, prepare for expected cyber threats in 2019, facilitate the rapid repair, replacement and expansion of telecommunication systems, protect your data and so much more.

Take a few moments to review the agenda. Consider the value of investing in your own continuing professional development in an area that is changing more rapidly than it ever has before. Return to your organization inspired with new ideas, aware of new strategies, processes and procedures and able to network with professionals who share your interests and goals. Then call us immediately to reserve your place. We look forward to seeing you.

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