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Tech Talent Acquisition

Re-thinking talent acquisition strategies for tech sector candidates

January 29 - 30, 2019  ·  Ottawa, Ontario
Confirmed Speakers for 2019 Include:
Johnston Duffy Molina Gilbrook D’Oyen Zaidi
Cunningham Fleischauer Anderson Hauck Mark Contractor
Hurst Hurrelmann
Receive authoritative instruction to combat the tech talent employment crisis
  • Bureaucracy hacking strategies
  • How to organize hackathons and alternatives
  • Learn about which industries are being hit hardest and how talent acquisition professionals can anticipate these challenges
  • How to stay educationally ahead of your competition
  • Talking tech language when you don’t know tech
  • Understanding your needs for the benefit of your applicant
  • Aligning upper-management with a digital talent strategy
  • Implications of information sharing platforms like Glassdoor: Using transparency as strategy
  • Product management as a talent acquisition necessity
  • Screening in vs. screening out
  • How to get the most out of online talent acquisition
  • Anchor hiring and tech team acquisition strategies
  • How to address assessment fatigue
  • Viewing candidates as clients
  • Typical mistakes made recruiting elite workers
  • How businesses have misunderstood hiring for diversity
  • AI as a tool to remove biases
  • Changing the future landscape of a diverse workforce through grassroots initiatives
  • Understanding immigration law, how Canadian businesses can take advantage of global socio-economic and political instabilities
  • Aligning with computer science programs worldwide
  • Misunderstanding the iGeneration; what graduates really look for
  • Gamification in the hiring process
  • Open/Crowd Sourcing through Meetup, Github, Kaggle, TopCoder, and StackOverflow
  • Machine learning and Psychometrics
  • Addressing fear, uncertainty, and doubt surrounding talent acquisition technology
  • Leveraging AI and Big Data in the talent acquisition process
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Who Should Attend This Event

From Municipalities, Provincial Governments and Health Authorities
  • Hiring Managers
  • Talent Acquisition Specialists
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Staffing Specialists
  • Recruitment Managers
  • Learning and Development Managers
  • Training Specialists
  • Placement Managers
  • International Human Resource Associates
  • Human Resource Consultants
  • Chief HR Officers
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Undeniably, there is an ever-growing talent and skills gap being felt across all industries, and nowhere more so than in finding candidates with technology education. As tech-candidates flock to start-ups and tech firms, industries outside of the tech sector are relegated to a talent-pool that is far more limited both in quantity and, especially, quality. From basic operations to cyber security, modern businesses simply cannot function without strong tech talent.

Through testimonials, case studies, round tables, and panel discussions, experts in the field will provide the strategies you need to undertake not only to improve acquisition tactics, but also bolster retention. Acquiring the right tools allows talent acquisition specialists to be a step ahead of their competition, improving overall public relations through newly adapted hiring strategies, and ultimately making their brand more relevant to the next generation of clients and candidates.

The top-to-bottom educative approach of this event begins with the initial steps of understanding the positions you need to fill, exhibits the tools you can use to automate administrative tasks, demonstrates the best ways to utilize online recruitment applications, and teaches the most innovative assessment strategies industry-wide, ensuring retention even from the outset of the hiring process. A broad range of perspectives have been cultivated to produce an essential experience drawing from tech-based industries, education, financial institutions, retail, and government.

Don’t simply cope with the tech talent-gap; conquer it. It is impossible to be agile without the most relevant information, so don’t get left behind. Hear the most up to date strategies from the people changing the game. Join the conversation in Ottawa and bring about the changes that will prove to reshape the tech talent acquisition industry. Register today!

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