Day One: Tuesday, October 1, 2019


60 min

Registration and Continental Breakfast


20 min

Networking Break


60 min

Creative IT Assurance in the Age of Uncertainty

Ken Holmes, CPA & Doctoral Student, American Military University

  • Unprecedented 21st Century security threats confront IT systems and users
  • New and devastating cyber techniques threaten national stability
  • The need for assurance on systems and data greater than ever
  • The cyber world is too complex for the “us versus them” audit approach
  • No one group is the “fountain of IT knowledge.” Audit and IT must work together


60 min



60 min
Paul Lewis

How to Discover Your DataOps Advantage

Paul Lewis, Global Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Hitachi

In this session you will see how you can securely manage, govern, mobilize, analyze, and ultimately unlock your data’s value and turn it into insights for public servants and citizens alike. We will discuss:

  • How data is the foundation of digital transformation and how modern IT lets you make your data a key enabler for your successful digital transformation
  • The current state of most organizations – multiple data silos that prevents the strategic use of their data
  • The strategic approach required to properly use your organization’s data by bringing those disparate data sets – whether structured, unstructured or machine-generated – into a single data strategy


60 min

Data Technologies: Flop or Functional

Geoff Marsh, Vice President, Digital Insights, Hitachi Vantara

So we know data is important to make those intelligent decisions but what are the trends and topics that really matter? What is just hype and what is truly going to make a difference in your organization. As some of my colleagues and peers have stated you need to be strategic with where you hedge your bets.

  • With the multitude of vendors out their pushing your products how do you ensure that what you are going to spend your valuable time and shrinking budgets on what is truly going to really benefit your group?
  • Now that some of the newer technologies have matured have they really brought the business value that they promised and why or why not?
  • Where should you spend time and money investing in training and technologies, what will be a big deal both directly in the public sector or in the private that could impact the public


15 min

Networking Break


60 min
Nader Shureih

Case Studies in Lifestyle Analytics as the Key Differentiator in B2B Marketing

Nader Shureih, Director, Business Development, Public Sector & Education, Environics

  • Lifestyle data offers a goldmine of insights that is under-utilized in B2B marketing. This session will showcase two unique and effective applications of lifestyle data.
  • Case Study 1: Viewing the B2B market through a B2C lens
  • The Innovation Canada platform drove new and valuable insights through the integration of privacy-friendly Environics Analytics and Statistics Canada data into their CRM and sales funnel
  • Case Study 2: Canada Day on Parliament Hill: Understanding who attended your open event is difficult
  • Integrating privacy-friendly mobile location data into your analysis can add multiple dimensions of understanding about who attends your events. We will show you how to use these insights to power and improve your business cases to vendors, partners and sponsors 


Cocktail Reception Sponsored by Hitachi Vantara

Day Two: Wednesday, October 2, 2019


60 min

Registration and Continental Breakfast


15 min

Networking Break


45 min
Tony Bonen

Towards Open LMI Data

Tony Bonen, Director of Research, Data & Analytics, Labour Market Information Council

The Labour Market Information Council (LMIC) is exploring ways to create an open data repository for labour market information in Canada. In addition to bringing together a wide variety of data, all information will be organized and structured in ways that support the career, education, training and workplace decisions of Canadians. To do so, we have engaged Canadians in a series of public opinion research studies and focus groups about their labour market information needs.

  • LMIC is assessing the feasibility and utility of developing an open, online repository of labour market data, the “LMIC Data Hub”.
  • The LMIC Data Hub is meant to be a state-of-the-art well-structured, fully-scalable, relational database storing labour market information and related data.
  • The LMIC Data Hub would be built around the following principles: Open Data, Open Code, Free Use, Clear Documentation, Easy to Navigate, Validated Data, and Up to Date information.
  • The LMIC Data Hub would support policy makers, researchers and labour market intermediaries such as career development practitioners, educators among others who directly support Canadians make informed career and training decisions.


60 min



60 min
Monica Pickard Nicholas Denis Stan Hatko

Machine Learning applied to big data at the Data Science Division

Monica Pickard, Chief, Data Science Division, Statistics Canada

Nicholas Denis, Data Scientist, Statistics Canada

Stan Hatko, Data Scientist, Statistics Canada

The Data Science Division  at Statistics Canada aims to build Data Science capacity by solving concrete problems, has an applied AI/ML solutions expertise and delivers practical results enabling clients to move forward confidently with big and unstructured data.

  • Our mission and big data projects
  • From intake to production, workflow and lessons learned
  • Sharing through Communities of Practice
  • An applied perspective: In-season crop prediction from satellite images
  • An applied perspective: Retail scanner data project


60 min
Martin McGarry

Predicting and Visualizing How Ottawa's OC Transpo Light Rail Will Change Our Daily Commute Forever

Martin McGarry, Partner and Chief Data Scientist, Bronson Analytics

  • Predicting the future impact on Ottawa’s new light rail was a challenge when no timetables or the usual commuter tools existed. He will take us 5 years from now to when Ottawa has an integrated light rail system covering the entire city.
  • Martin will demonstrate how to create an amazing story through the use of advanced analytical and visualization tools.
  • Has your commute improved? Where should you be buying a future home? Is cycling a better commuting method? Did the city spend our money wisely?
  • First he will outline the key components of a compelling data story and what were the drivers behind the analysis. Then he will show you behind the curtain on how the story was created. Using Google API’s, TomTom data, Alteryx, Tableau, Mapbox and more he will explain the challenges involved in creating true business or citizen insights!


15 min

Networking Break


60 min
Rowan Sciban

Democratization of AI/ML: The Evolution of Tools for Advancement of Data Analysis

Rowan Sciban, Cloud Solution Architect for Data & AI, Microsoft

This presentation will focus on the skill sets and tools required for the Citizen Data Scientist — a new breed of advanced business analysts. You will see how these tools help organizations apply more sophisticated data analysis when advanced data science skill sets are not available.

  • In some cases, technically advanced business analysts are able to leverage these tools to analyze available big data sources without reliance on IT or highly skilled Data Scientists.
  • Data Scientists are still required for complex ML problems, however it is not feasible to deploy such individuals everywhere that AI and ML will be needed.
  • Skilled analysts are stepping up into a role where they can apply AI and ML techniques, with the help of user-friendly tools to get real results.


End of Day Two