This conference helped me to find practical ways to integrate risk management in day-to-day operation.  
- Chief of Active Risk Surveillance, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CANADA
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Municipal Issues (and Opportunities) in Cannabis Regulation

New Edibles Regulations, New Economic Opportunities & 8-Month Review

June 4 - 5, 2019  ·  Calgary, Alberta
Featuring These Industry Experts and Many More!
Moulton Zabloski Killoh Valdes
Sharkey Moll Nowak Muzychka
Mison Löbenberg Grande Buffone-Blair
Clement Stephenson Heed Rodriguez
Make Sure Your Municipality Is Ready!
  • Benefit from mistakes made and lessons learned in other jurisdictions over the last 8 months
  • Adopt best practices developed by leading municipalities
  • Find solutions to zoning, planning and licensing challenges and measure impact on economic development
    • Understand physiological impact, risks of overconsumption and accidental consumption by minors
    • Anticipate local impacts on police, emergency services, impaired driving, community health and safety
  • Review impact of legalization on municipal budgets
  • Explore options for effective cost sharing frameworks
  • Capitalize on potential economic benefits of cannabis to your community
    • Hear from municipalities that are reaping the rewards
    • Find out what cannabis companies are looking for in selecting venues for grow, processing or retail
Municipal Issues in the Legalization of Cannabis Brochure Download Brochure as PDF File
Delegates who have attended previous public sector training seminars praise the quality of INFONEX events
Overall, this conference was of high quality. Case studies were excellent!
- Senior Advisor, Policy, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
Fascinating and relevant, very knowledgeable.
- Manager, People Effectiveness, House of Commons
Lots of great information and dynamic speakers.
- Manager, Legislation Development, HRSDC
Excellent presentation overall. Very informative and useful information.
- Project Officer, Canada Revenue Agency
I got some great ideas to bring back and start applying. Very relevant to where my project is now.
- Project Manager, BC Ministry of the Attorney General
Who Should Attend This Event

  • Elected officials
  • City Managers
  • City Clerk General Managers
  • Planning and Development General Managers
  • Economic Development Specialists
  • Engineering General Managers
  • Finance, Technology General Managers
  • HR General Managers
  • Parks, Recreation and Culture Managers
  • Area Planning & Development
  • Land Development Engineers
  • Law and Bylaw Enforcement Officers
  • Policy Analysts and Advisors
  • Directors and Managers of Intergovernmental Relations and Strategic Partnerships
  • Strategist, Intergovernmental and Corporate Strategy
  • Municipal Lawyers
  • Public Health Officials
  • Public Safety Officials
  • Provincial officials dealing with legalization issues
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The legalization of cannabis has been far from a smooth roll-out. Municipalities are still left with significant work to be accomplished. If you work on land use planning and zoning, business licensing, municipal workplace safety, enforcement relating to public consumption or impaired driving, you are still surrounded by unanswered questions.

You will learn what you can expect with legalization of edibles, including the impact on community and public health and safety. You will leave with a clear picture of what you are required to do, as a municipal employer, to keep municipal employees safe now that you have to worry about the potential effects of cannabis at the workplace. Experts from large and small municipalities in a variety of provinces will explain how they are dealing with land use planning and zoning and business licensing. You will understand the enforcement issues relating to consumption and impaired driving and the complexity and potential problems involved in the supply chain.

This is a unique opportunity to hear from those most able to provide the important information, insights and strategies you need to meet the complex challenge ahead. Register now so you and your municipality have the necessary knowledge to reduce the risk and increase the potential economic benefits of the national cannabis policy. Your up-front investment of time will repay you time and again as you move forward more decisively, confidently and knowledgeably than you otherwise would have. Register today!

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