Managing and accommodating employee mental health and/or substances issues present an increasing challenge in the contemporary workplace. Given the stigma surrounding such issues, it can be challenging to know when employees are struggling with mental health or substance issues and how to best manage and/or assist such employees. We will discuss the steps an employer should take when it suspects that, or is advised that, an employee has a mental health or substance abuse issue. We will learn what steps should be taken if an issue of accommodation or performance management arises and discuss traditional and contemporary approaches to addressing these issues in the workplace.

This seminar will use case studies, interactive discussions of fact patterns and group exercises to gain a deeper understanding of effective ways to manage and accommodate employees with mental health and/or substance abuse issues.

  • Identify invisible disabilities and understand employer obligations such as the Duty to Enquire and the Duty to Accommodate;
  • How to prepare requests for medical information and how to identify when you may require further medical information;
  • To implement effective return to work arrangements, including drafting 3return to work agreements; and
  • Skills and tools to effectively support and manage an employee in recovery once he or she returns to work.