• Realities:  human resource management IS different within Indigenous organizations than other Canadian workplaces due to location, cultural relevance and the communities socio-employment stories  
  • Economics: building strong Indigenous communities requires effective alignment at the forefront with the strategic alignment of leadership, economic development, and human resources that work together as one at the design table 
  • Leadership: HR is a core function & requires the support of leadership to deploy resources and be provided with a responsibility of trust to operate in the best interest of the employer  
  • Development: due to the specialization of their situations, Indigenous HR managers need their own ‘space & place’ to connect, network and share practices to maintain their motivation and stay ‘sharp’
  • Future: with the evolution of human resource practices and workplaces globally, the experiences and expertise among Indigenous approaches to HR, offer Indigenous agencies the opportunity to become the models of what it takes to operationalize truly inclusive workplaces