Vanessa Henri

Vanessa Henri

Vanessa specializes in the law of personal data protection and information security. As part of her practice, she advises organizations on the operationalization of related concepts, such as privacy and information security in design (“privacy by design” and “security by design”). ).

She has the Data Protection Officer designation and proven experience of supporting organizations with various data protection laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), and others. Standards applicable to entities whose economic activities are highly dependent on the use of both confidential and personal data. Vanessa helps organizations, especially those in the emerging technology sector, to preemptively manage legal data risks to build trust with their customers and gain a competitive advantage.

She frequently assists organizations in the negotiation of trade agreements with security and data protection requirements, particularly in the technology sector. She also advises boards of directors on risk management related to data protection and information security, ensuring that they and their organizations comply with their obligations and obligations. avoid liability.

Vanessa holds a Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) in cyber espionage from McGill University and teaches a course on cybersecurity business practices at St. Thomas University, Florida, USA, where she is also a member of the Advisory Committee for the Master’s Program in Cybersecurity and Privacy. Her Dark Net studies were funded by the Quebec Bar and published in the Canadian Journal of Law and Technology.

In addition to being an accomplished author, Vanessa has been an expert in various media events. She is invited as a speaker, worldwide, particularly in Silicon Valley, Tokyo and Paris. Prior to joining Fasken, Vanessa was the Director of Legal Services and Privacy and was a Data Protection Officer with a cybersecurity firm that is a member of a large multinational technology company. Information, Internet of Things and Emerging Technologies.

Vanessa is involved with organizations committed to the cause of women in the technology sector and is a member of investment associations where she often discusses the effect of disruptive technologies on the securities market.