Day One: Tuesday, February 11, 2020


60 min

Registration and Continental Breakfast


60 min
Tabatha Bull

Getting the Most Out of the Procurement Process

Tabatha Bull, Chief Operating Officer, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

  • Learn about the procurement process and how to make it more effective for your organization
  • Assessing your organization’s needs and wants in order to develop effective procurement strategies
  • Leveraging the strength of Aboriginal business in procurement
  • Why is the procurement process so important?
  • Collaborating with the government in the procurement process


60 min
Josh Jantzi

The New Impact Assessment: What You Need to Know

Josh Jantzi, Partner, Gowling WLG

  • What you need to know about the new Impact Assessment Act
  • What do you need to know for your Nation and business?
  • Measuring the economic benefits and social impacts
  • How the new Impact Assessment measures the overall benefits of potential projects
  • How will new potential resource projects have to be presented moving forward?


20 min



60 min
Suzanne Trottier

Strategies to Build Financial Management Capacity

Suzanne Trottier, Director of Capacity Development and Intervention, First Nations Financial Management Board

  • Learn strategies to build financial management capacity
  • The importance of developing a unique and effective financial management system
  • Building good governance and financial practices to support greater partnerships
  • The importance of well-run, transparent finances
  • Practical advice in the world of modern Aboriginal business


60 min



50 min
Niilo Edwards

Taking Ownership: The Importance of Equity in Resource Projects

Niilo Edwards, Executive Director, First Nations Major Projects Coalition

  • Why is taking equity in major resource projects so important?
  • How to create partnerships with equity ownership
  • What are the benefits and challenges of having equity in major projects?
  • What should you consider when negotiating equity partnerships?
  • Creating a partnership for long-term benefits


50 min
Drew Mildon

The Duty to Consult: New Considerations

Drew Mildon, Partner, Woodward & Company LLP

  • What are the legal obligations of the duty to consult?
  • How does the new legislation impact the duty to consult and your project(s) impact?
  • Knowing when your Nation has been sufficiently consulted
  • What are your legal obligations?
  • What does the future look like going forward?


20 min



60 min
Darren Thomas

The North Saskatchewan Environmental Quality Committee (NSEQC): Saskatchewan’s Open Forum to Discuss Future and Ongoing Uranium Projects

Darren Thomas, Manager, North Saskatchewan Environmental Quality Committee

Norman Wolverine, English River First Nation Representative, NSEQC Westside Co-Chair, North Saskatchewan Environmental Quality Committee

Gill Gracie, Aurora Communications Ltd., NSEQC Communication Consultant, North Saskatchewan Environmental Quality Committee

  • The open forum for company representatives, government representatives, and Indigenous Nations to speak on potential and ongoing uranium mining projects.
  • How greater communication between parties increases project approval and feasibility
  • How the committee provides opportunities to share traditional knowledge and see first hand the measures for environmental protection and worker safety


End of Day One

Day Two: Wednesday, February 12, 2020


60 min

Registration and Continental Breakfast


50 min
Wally Braul

The Canadian Energy Regulator: What You Need to Know About the New Regulations

Wally Braul, Partner, Gowling WLG

  • What you need to know about life after the National Energy Board
  • What do you need to know for your business and community?
  • How will you be affected moving forward?
  • Will the Canadian Energy Regulator be acting in a different capacity?


60 min
Paul Gruner

Planning for Success: How to Build Up Your Development Corporation

Paul Gruner, President & CEO, Det’on Cho Development Corporation

  • Building the foundation of your development corporation
  • What does growth look like from start-up to the long game
  • Identifying and investing in people for long-term prosperity, one Member at a time
  • How do you plan for continued growth?
  • How the Det’on Cho continues to evolve their business partnerships


20 min



60 min
Freda Campbell

Unlocking the Aboriginal Workforce: Capacity Building

Freda Campbell, Education and Training Director, Tahltan Central Government

  • Developing Community Skills Inventories
  • Preparing the Aboriginal Workforce and building essential skills
  • How to leverage transferable skills for professional and trades occupations
  • A look into how the Tahltan are building their workforce and investing in the young, Indigenous workforce
  • Development programs for essential workforce skills


70 min



50 min
Aldea Lavallie

How Corporations Approach Indigenous Relationships

Aldea Lavallie, Community Relations Manager, Pretium Resources Inc

  • How do corporations begin a relationship with Indigenous groups?
  • How do corporate Indigenous relationships evolve over the stages of a resource project?
  • How do we sustain our relationships?
  • What do we plan on continuing to do and hope to do going forward?
  • The importance of genuine, long-term relationships


50 min
Arman Mottaghi

Opportunities in Energy Efficient Homes

Arman Mottaghi, Board Director, BC Sustainable Energy Association

  • How new and evolving building regulations for energy-efficient homes are presenting new opportunities for partnerships
  • A look at the BC Energy Step code and how it has been implemented so far
  • How Indigenous-led projects can form the future of net zero energy homes
  • How projects for energy efficient homes can create opportunities in equipment manufacturing and the utilities industry
  • Working as a community for an efficient and sustainable future


20 min



50 min
Lyle Trytten

The Future of Energy Partnerships: Canadian Opportunities in a Decarbonizing World

Lyle Trytten, Manager of Development, Giga Metals Corp.

  • What is the future of mining and energy projects in a decarbonizing world?
  • The potential of Canadian projects to supply these in-demand materials
  • The transition of the energy industry from fuel to feedstock
  • How will energy corporations transition to changing global needs?
  • Preempting the changing demands of a cleaner world


End of Day Two