Day One: Wednesday, October 14, 2020

10:00 EDT

10 min

Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Chair

10:10 EDT

60 min
Claudine Hebert

Managing Risks in a Disrupted Environment

Claudine Hebert, Manager, Internal Audit, Internal Audit Directorate Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

As automation and Artificial Intelligence become more common and as new worries about the impact of covid adaptation arise, including employees working remotely, so too does the need for Internal Audit including:

  • Risk of management override if there is potential for fraud
  • Segregation of duties
  • Over reliance on detective vs. preventive controls
  • Entity level vs. operational level internal controls
  • Trust but verify employee activity

12:10 EDT

50 min


13:00 EDT

50 min
John Craig

The Role of Artificial Intelligence for Internal Controls

John Craig, CEO, Vigilant AI

  • How can AI strengthen internal controls?
  • How can AI be used to combat the rise of phishing scams?
  • How AI is/will be used in practice
  • The use of AI in managing internal controls tasks such as the separation of roles and internal verification
  • AI’s role in managing large, unstructured data for internal controls

13:50 EDT

50 min
Jason Murray

Cyber Security Frameworks: Keystones and Building Up

Jason Murray, Digital Architect, TeraMach

  • What are the keystones of effective cyber security measures?
  • What should you focus on if you have limited resources?
  • Establishing an effective framework to detect threats before they cause damage
  • What are some cyber security threats you should be prepared for?
  • How do you build up from an already established framework?

14:40 EDT

20 min


15:00 EDT

45 min
Mark Scharf

Behavioral Analytics for Internal Controls

Mark Scharf, Behavioural Risk Management Advisor, Pinnacle Insights Inc.

  • Can behavioral analytics be applied as a form of internal controls?
  • Seeing the patterns in behavior that could signal weaknesses in information privacy
  • What kinds of behavior signal increased likeliness of fraud?
  • What are the signs of a compromised employee?
  • Looking at the human aspect of internal breaches

16:30 EDT

End of Day One

Day Two: Thursday, October 15, 2020

10:00 EDT

10 min

Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Chair

12:40 EDT

40 min


14:20 EDT

50 min


15:10 EDT

40 min
Darrell Mathews

Internal Audit Analytics: How Data Analytics Can Work For You

Darrell Mathews, Controller, City of Lethbridge

  • How does data analytics work to improve existing internal controls?
  • How do you begin to make the transition to incorporate internal audit analytics?
  • What are some potentially new functions you can do with this data?
  • Effective ways to discover previously difficult to find risks

15:50 EDT

40 min
Richard LeBlanc
Keynote Address

Internal Controls and the Board of Directors

Richard LeBlanc, Professor of Governance, Law, and Ethics, York University

  • What role does the board of directors play in strengthening internal controls?
  • Why compliance begins with the board of directors
  • The importance of maintaining communication between management and the board
  • Effective collaboration down the chain of command
  • What kind of insight can the board of directors provide?

16:30 EDT

End of Day Two