Speakers at our Toronto event: May 2019

Cal Rosen

Cal Rosen

Vice President, Data Integration


Cal Rosen is Scotiabank’s Vice President, Data Integration within the Bank’s Data Office. In this role, Cal is responsible for defining Scotiabank’s Enterprise Data Strategy and Roadmap, managing the Bank’s global data consumption demand from Canadian and International business lines and corporate functions, facilitating the consistent global deployment of data capabilities across the enterprise, and defining Scotiabank’s Change Management strategy for data as well as leading the Data Office’s global communications function. Cal is a highly experienced and well respected Data & Analytics Translator, Innovator, Pathfinder, Insightful Strategist and Program Delivery Executive positioned at the intersection of business and technology to help organizations strategize, innovate and perform comprehensive large-scale Data & Analytics programs based upon extensive real-world experience in “Transforming Data Into Action & Value” across People, Process, Technology & Data in multiple industry verticals (e.g. FI, Insurance, Telco, Retail, Utilities, etc.) across North America.

Faraz Zaidi

Faraz Zaidi

Advisor, Health Analytics

Region of Peel

Faraz’s current research interests include developing data-driven solutions for the health department at the regional municipality where he uses advanced analytics, complex algorithms and visualization to develop innovative solutions. He also works as a Data Science Consultant with Piik Insights which is a startup to help Restaurants and Retailers become more data-driven through Data Mining and Analytics. He also holds an Adjunct Faculty position at KIET University in the Computing and Information Sciences Department where he supervises graduate students in research projects. Before these roles, he has worked as a Data Scientist, a Research Scientist and an Academician in USA, Switzerland, France and Pakistan. He has over 12 years of experience in developing and directing solutions in Data Analytics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Data Visualization and Business Intelligence. He has a PhD in Data Mining and Visual Analytics, a Masters in Complexity and Algorithms and a Masters in Software Engineering. He has over 50 research publications, a couple of book chapters and has appeared in several conferences as a speaker. He also serves as a technical reviewer for many journals and conferences. In his spare time, he enjoys reading books, spending time with his family and traveling.

Hussain R. Usman

Executive Director

Population, Public and Indigenous Health, Public Health Surveillance and Infrastructure

Kalyan Chakravarthy

Chief Information Officer

Regional Municipality of Durham

Kalyan Chakravarthy(KC) is Chief Information Officer for the Regional Municipality of Durham. In this position he is responsible for establishing and implementing a long-term technology strategy for the Region. KC has over 20 years of experience in private, public and not-for-profit sectors. He graduated his MBA from Smith School of Business and did a certificate course on Artificial Intelligence from MIT.

Korosh Koochekian Sabor

Korosh Koochekian Sabor

Data Scientist


Korosh Koochekian Sabor has over a decade of experience in software engineering and data science. His main area of expertise is the application of data science in software engineering such as recommender systems, predictive models for software testing, bug tracking systems and fault localization. He also worked as an instructor of computer science and software engineering courses in many universities including Concordia University center of continuing education.He worked as a research and development engineer in Ericsson, AI engineer in Intact and is currently working as a data scientist in Shopify.

Michael Morris

Michael Morris

Director, Sales Analytics and Incentive Programs

Global Furniture Group

Michael, a graduate of the University of Toronto, is the Director of Sales Analytics and Incentive Programs at the largest office furniture manufacturer in Canada. Over the course of his 21 year history with Global Michael has had various roles from customer service to change management. Using his vast experience and understanding of the company’s culture, he has taken the lead in moving Global Furniture Group from thinking of data as a liability to the world of analytics. He is implementing a program in which the asset of data will be used to inform decision making as well as creating a Data Governance program. This program started in the sales and marketing side of the business, but has now expanded into purchasing, supply management and the customer experience.

Mohammad Karim

Senior Big Data Analyst


Since 2016, Mohammad has been working at TD Bank as Data Analyst through vendor Wipro technology. I have been working on big data ingestion code design and development for different source systems in TD’s cutting edge big data platform. Prior to this, Mohammad has had rich experiences of leading innovation projects and R&D activities to promote data and data analytics best practices within many large organizations. 15 years of working experience in academic and IT industries, Mohammad has accumulated extensive experience in DBMS (both structured and unstructured), ETL, statistical modeling, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Hadoop ecosystem and Cloud Computing and being most passionate about building data science processes. Outside of his day to day office work, Mohammad is an active member of many different International and Toronto based Data Analytics and Data Science communities. He likes to learn and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. Mohammed has completed his graduation and post graduation in Computer Science. He has published two books on Solving Closest Pair Problems and Meta Search Engines both available on Amazon.com. His research has been published on five reputed international journals and he has presented five research works in different international conferences. Besides this, he has worked as a reviewer, editorial board member and program committee member on different advanced technology related International conferences and journals.

Nitesh Soni

Nitesh Soni

Director, Advanced Analytics and AI


Nitesh Soni is a Data Science and AI leader with 14+ years of blended experience across different industries and scientific research. He is currently leading a Finance and IT – corporate function analytics at Scotiabank. He has worked with some of the top banks and consulting firm, top-ranked universities and world-class scientific laboratories, including the one that discovered a Higgs boson particle in year 2012. He is recipient of many awards, notably top 100 scientists recognized by UK biographic center, DST award given by the Government of India.  He is very passionate to make an impact in the world via Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and AI.

Pascal Tyrrell

Pascal Tyrrell

Director of Data Science, Department of Medical Imaging

University of Toronto

Pascal Tyrrell is a data scientist—a combination of research methodologist, computer/database solutions architect and innovator. He received his PhD in medical sciences from the University of Toronto working in the area of pediatric rheumatology at SickKids (Toronto, ON). Currently, he is the director of data science and an assistant professor with the Department of Medical Imaging, University of Toronto where his aim is to understand, explore, and innovate where information and communications technology can be used effectively to encourage the translation of health research into action. Pascal is also appointed to the Department of Statistical Sciences where his research aims to establish useful guidelines for the quantity and quality of input data for machine learning in medical imaging research by investigating current methods as well as developing new ones. Pascal has previous work experience in the computer and financial industries and has joined the medical device tech start-up company AceAge Inc. as their Chief Science Officer.

Saad Rais

Saad Rais

Lead Data Scientist

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

As the inaugural data scientist for the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Saad has been entrusted with the ambitious task of establishing a data science capacity in the Ministry. The vision of this capacity is to inform policy and decision making in the Ministry, improve patient outcomes, and advance health system performance in Ontario through smarter processes, smarter use of resources, and smarter healthcare. His current focus is on anomaly detection. Saad is also an instructor for the Data Science certificate program at the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies. He has also worked at Statistics Canada as a survey methodologist, playing a key role in the development of the Services Producer Price Index.

Saeid Abolfazli

Lead Data Scientist and Senior Machine Learning Expert


Saeid Abolfazli is a leader, big data and machine learning scientist, instructor, author, editor, and speaker with more than 13 years of experience in leadership and data science. Saeid holds Bachelor of Software Engineering, Master of Information Systems, and PhD in Computer Science.

Saeid is currently a team lead at TELUS where he leads a group of empowered talents that innovatively solve business problems using data science techniques and big data technologies to enrich Canadian telecommunication experience. Eager to build and promote analytics and machine learning strategies, he is an advocate for data-driven decision making. Saeid has strong interest in people and has received multiple leadership awards at TELUS; His ability to explain complex technical topics to non-technical audience enables him to win trust, influence people, and translate their objectives into data science projects.

Dr. Saeid is also a big data and machine learning instructor at UoT where his engaging and creative teaching style has been inspiring. Please reach out Saeid via email at saeid.abolfazli@utoronto.ca

Santanu Pal

Santanu Pal

Vice President, Enterprise Advanced Analytics


Santanu leads the advanced analytics team at CIBC, a leading global financial institution. Santanu’s passion is to apply quantitative and analytical skills to solve business challenges that drive real outcomes. His team is at the heart of the analytical transformation that is happening at CIBC. He leads a team united by a common purpose of unleashing the power of data through innovative decision science, analytics and artificial intelligence. At CIBC, his team includes data scientists, innovators as well as skilled researchers, modelers and data engineers. His team develops and manages over 100 models that helps CIBC be more client centric, efficient and manage risks. Santanu is currently part of the advisory board for the Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto and is also involved with the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence as a sponsor. Santanu is an engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). He did his master’s from Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and an MBA from Ivey Business School. Santanu resides in Toronto, Canada with his wife Ranjini and their two children.

Thomas Kampioni

Manager, Information Services

The Law Society of British Columbia

Thomas Kampioni is the Head of Information Services at the Law Society of British Columbia. He is a creative and innovative professional with experience in developing enterprise applications and modern data analytics. He promotes innovation, entrepreneurship, continuous improvement and how to foster a data-driven culture to enable the organization to make informed decisions through data. He has a proven track record of successful project completion including creating a Member Information System, establishing Knowledge Management program, developing risk ranking model for law firms and many other applications used every day by internal staff and 12,000 lawyers in British Columbia. Thomas is a skilled public speaker and subject matter expert in data analytics and machine learning. He spoke at a number of international conferences including KMWorld in Washington, DC, Knowledge Engineering and KM in Lisbon, Portugal, NABRICO in Vancouver, BC.

Thomas has spent most of his life at universities and his educational background includes an Executive MBA from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC, a Bachelor of Computer Science from British Columbia Institute of Technology, MA in Marketing and Management from Wrocław University of Economics in Poland. Thomas also holds a Graduate Certificate in Business in the Americas that included residencies at Fundação Instituto de Administração in São Paulo, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México in Mexico City and the Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management in Nashville, USA. Thomas loves to travel and street photography. He plays tennis, swims and enjoys the outdoors. He also writes and directs independent films and documentaries.