Expert information and guidance on how to:
  • Implement agile methodologies specifically designed to foster customer-centric service delivery
  • Overcome multiple systemic barriers to agility and innovation in government
  • Benefit from agile over waterfall processes and procedures
  • Reap the rewards of agile procurement processes
  • Use agility to accelerate speed-to-market
  • Benefit from success stories and lessons learned on the digital journey
  • Understand new risk/oversight models that support agile methodologies
  • Employ design thinking for maximum impact and inclusivity
  • Comply with The Accessible Canada Act
  • Learn how iterations of the “minimal viable product” (MVP) lead to quick, successful customer-centric service delivery
Featured Session!
Government Changes required for Agile/Cloud including Q & A
Alex Benay, Global Lead, Government Azure Strategy at Microsoft; Former Chief Information Officer, Government of Canada