COVID-19 has slammed into the world and has altered every aspect of how governments, businesses and communities operate, if they can operate at all. Response to the impact of this pandemic and immediate action on preparation for future health emergencies and other disasters is at the forefront of current emergency management and business continuity strategic planning in Canada. Sharp increases in mass-shootings, acts of terrorism, cyber threats are piling onto the recurring and increasing numbers of natural disasters. You need to be acting now in order to ensure the safety and well-being of the people in Canada who are counting on you.

Infonex’s Canadian BCP and Emergency Management professional development event will help you discover proactive approaches and best practices for maximizing preparedness and responsiveness when disasters and emergencies occur. You will gain innovative emergency management approaches that will positively impact your organization’s preparedness and response efforts both now and in the future.

This must attend event is your best opportunity to network with your peers, share your ideas and hear some of the foremost experts in the field from organizations such as Public Safety Canada, Natural Resources Canada and Toronto Fire Services discuss their insights and experiences on various key hot button topics.