Day One: Thursday, January 28, 2021

10:10 EST

60 min

Blind Spots in Crisis Communications

Alfred Klein, Director, Southern Communications Centre, EMS Dispatch Communications & Deployment, Alberta Health Services

  • Learn through an exploration of case studies where your blind spots may be
  • Understand the inherent risks of carrier networks that are common to public and private Carriers
  • Implement a resilient communications network using non-typical communications pathways
  • Learn how to create interoperability between unassociated communications pathways
  • Understand the importance of thorough and regular exercising of failover and business continuity plans

12:10 EST

60 min


14:10 EST

20 min


14:30 EST

60 min
Josh Bowen

When Leading Through Complex Crises, Prioritize Communications: Lessons from the Closure and Reopening of a Major Post-Secondary Campus

Josh Bowen, Director, Relaunch Coordination Team, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

  • Level-set expectations early; up, down, and across.
  • Set the comms team up for success before activation!
  • Develop emotional communications before they are needed.
  • Navigating your audiences effectively takes deliberate preparation.
  • Everyone is a communicator, leveraging the whole team.

15:30 EST

60 min
Matthew Moore

Protecting the Public with Effective Communications

Matthew Moore, Business Development Manager, BlackBerry

  • Communicating with the public in a secure, reliable way is vital to an organization’s operations, whether they are local residents or temporary visitors.  An effective communication solution can allow you to reach targeted individuals, with relevant information, on any device
  • In this session you will learn about best practices in planning, preparing and responding to critical events when being faced with the unexpected