Day One : Thursday, February 4, 2021


10 min

Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Chair


40 min
Jeannette Campbell

The Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion/ Measuring Return on Investment of Diversity and Inclusion in Critical Times

Jeannette Campbell, CEO, Ontario Disability Employment Network

  • The Facts around Disability
  • The Case for Hiring Inclusively
  • The Positive Impacts of Inclusion in the Workplace
  • The ROI of Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Business Case examples
  • The Keys to Success and ODEN services


45 min

5 Equity Based Strategies to Help get Started on Making Black Lives Matter in the Workplace

  • Bridge the empathy gaps with black employees – the conversation can no longer be avoided because it is hard
  • Useful conversation prompts
  • Address the elephant in the race room – covert, socially acceptable behaviours
  • What is fueling unconscious bias
  • Mission, vision must include anti-black racist behaviours
  • Don’t intellectualize racism – inclusion begins with “I”
  • Break systemic barriers and role of Employee Resource Groups
  • Prioritize the well-being of Black employees – racism and inequity as health issues


45 min



45 min

Diversity, Inclusion and Culture Consultant

Developing inclusion, diversity and equitable practices and education. 
Advancing culture, change and developing diversity and inclusion policies and mandates.


45 min

Accelerated Diversity and Inclusion


45 min

Creating a sense of belonging


45 min

Transformative Systemic Change in the George Floyd Era - Making Your Workplace more Inclusive, Productive and Interculturally Competent

  • Measuring intercultural development
  • Measuring level of intercultural awareness among individuals and teams
  • Intercultural conflict styles
  • Cognitive diversity
  • Vital initiatives to drive and sustain change


45 min

The Legal Framework: The Duty to Accommodate and More!

  • The legal framework
  • Human Rights legislation
  • Accessible Canada Act
  • Federal and provincial legislation


End of Day One

Day Two : Friday, February 5, 2021