Indigenous communities across Canada are constantly facing emergencies and natural disasters caused by weather-related events such as floods, tornadoes and landslides that are becoming more frequent and severe. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has altered virtually every aspect of day-to-day life has further complicated emergency management within Indigenous communities. As a leader in your Indigenous community, it is imperative for you to take proactive measures in order to ensure the health and safety of your community when emergencies inevitably occur.

For over 25 years, Infonex has earned a reputation for providing unbiased, timely and practical approaches to help overcome challenges faced by Indigenous communities. Our upcoming Emergency Preparedness for Indigenous Communities professional development event is specifically designed to guide leaders in Indigenous communities to discover proactive approaches and best practices for maximizing preparedness and responsiveness when disasters and emergencies occur.

This virtual event will provide an excellent opportunity to have your questions answered, share ideas with like-minded peers in the field, have your say in meaningful in-depth discussions just as you would at an in-person event and hear some of the foremost thought leaders in the field share their experiences, insights and analysis on various key issues and topics.