Day One: Tuesday, June 8, 2021

11:45 EDT

60 min
Paul Gruner

Indigenous Inclusion in the Supply Chain to Enhance the Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) of Resource Companies Competitiveness

Paul Gruner, President & CEO, Det’on Cho Management LP

  • What is ESG
  • What is the value proposition of Indigenous inclusion and the supply chain
  • How are Indigenous groups currently participating in the supply chain
  • Case study of Det’on Cho Management LP and ESG
  • What can we do going forward / best practices

12:45 EDT

45 min


13:30 EDT

60 min
Drew Mildon

Structuring for Tax Exemptions: LPs and LLPs and Divergent Priorities

Drew Mildon, Partner, Woodward and Company LLP

  • What are the Indian Act tax exemptions and how do they work?
  • Why do First Nations choose to use limited partnerships to structure their businesses?
  • When can a First Nation-owned partnership reduce PST impacts?
  • How can a partnership address governance complexity when working with Indigenous governments?

15:30 EDT

60 min

Importance of Partnership to Improve Indigenous Peoples Social, Political and Economic Opportunities

Robert Tookoome, Business Development Advisor, National Indigenous Fisheries Institute

  • Economic Opportunities
  • Types of Partnerships
  • Private and NGO  Partnerships
  • Land Claims Agreement (modern day treaties)
  • Inuit Impact Benefits Agreement
  • Benefits of Partnerships
  • Economic Opportunities
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Overall social and health benefits
  • Challenges
  • One sided

Day Two: Wednesday, June 9, 2021

10:45 EDT

60 min
Tabatha Bull

Creating Equity in Resource Partnerships

Tabatha Bull, President & CEO, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

  • There is a significant opportunity for Indigenous communities to play a leading role through partnerships in the resource sector.
  • Tabatha will discuss examples of recent partnership projects in Canada and identify some of the key things that need to be done to establish the conditions for successful partnership in the future.

11:45 EDT

60 min

The Importance of Champions, Influencers and Allies in Indigenous Relations

Ruby Littlechild, National Director, Indigenous Relations, SNC-Lavalin

  • Collaboration is imperative to successful Indigenous partnerships
  • There is value in every stakeholder and partner at the table
  • Being an influencer and social change to alleviate the systemic gaps in development
  • Connecting innovative ideas via champions, influencer and allies to create development
  • Avoiding and navigating your way around gatekeepers

12:45 EDT

45 min


13:30 EDT

60 min
Blair Hogan

Creating local indigenous economies through biomass district heating projects - Spotlight on the Teslin Biomass Project

Blair Hogan, President & CEO, Gúnta Business Consulting

  • Project spotlight on the Teslin Biomass Project – 1.3MWt biomass district heating system
  • First Nation owned project, that incorporates community wood waste-streams
  • Jump-started a local forestry industry and sawmill
  • An example of a community economic development success

14:30 EDT

60 min
Rhonda Forgues

Embedding Inclusivity

Rhonda Forgues, Owner, Spirited Ways Consulting

  • Equity vs equality – the difference and the benefits
  • The benefits of adding supports to increase success for everyone
  • Demystifying that supports are unfair and impact the integrity of product or service
  • Asking Why?
  • Asking What if?

15:30 EDT

60 min
Case Study

A Redevelopment Energy Partnership with Indigenous Communities

  • Develop an innovative, bottom-up and Indigenous-led partnership
  • Ensure that renewable energy projects are fully aligned with the respect and protection of human rights
  • Engage in the right energy partnerships with Indigenous communities
  • Step-by-step guide to being open, transparent and accountable
  • Develop partnerships and collaboration with other institutions