Day One: Tuesday, September 21, 2021

10:45 EDT

60 min

Building an Infrastructure Data Strategy: A Federal Government Use Case

Gabrielle FitzGerald, Director, Research & Data, Infrastructure Canada

  • Defining an infrastructure data framework at the national level
  • Establishing the necessary data foundations then putting the data to work
  • Building a culture of data: People and Partnerships
  • Next steps towards greater evidence-informed decision making for public infrastructure investments

11:45 EDT

60 min
Jennifer Bodnarchuk

Data Governance vs. Information Governance: What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

Jennifer Bodnarchuk, Senior Data Scientist, City of Winnipeg

  • Data is information? Information is data?
  • Common concepts between DMBOK and IGBOK
  • Can data and information concepts be merged? Does that simplify or complicate?
  • As government services become more digital, how do we manage data/information?
  • The City of Winnipeg’s journey, so far, to an Information Governance Committee

12:45 EDT

45 min


15:30 EDT

60 min
Nandini Jolly

Addressing the Data Breach Crisis

Nandini Jolly, Founder & CEO, CryptoMill Cybersecurity Solutions

  • The global spread of COVID-19 has generated numerous privacy, data protection, security and compliance questions. These challenges are driving the need for companies and organizations to ensure their digital experience platform(s) are not only secure, but forward-looking
  • Your speaker will take you through the ins and outs of a zero trust data centric security model and approach, to implement safeguards to eliminate data breaches and create a balance between information sharing and protecting sensitive data from the edge to the Cloud with CryptoMill’s most advanced and disruptive security suite – Circles of Trust. She will also share a positive approach from the lens of the “good side” on how you can leverage technology and the art of encryption to stop hackers, protect sensitive data, preserve privacy, and effectively manage and protect your most valuable digital assets

Day Two: Wednesday, September 22, 2021

10:30 EDT

60 min
Vik Pant

Developing a Data Valuation Framework for Better Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Government

Vik Pant, Chief Scientist and Chief Science Advisor, Natural Resources Canada

  • While advancing digital transformation is a key priority for Departments and Agencies across the Government of Canada, decision-makers are facing the challenge of prioritizing and justifying investments in digital technologies.
  • Quantifying the value of investments in data and digital assets is complex and estimating return on investments as well as payback period on such investments remain difficult.
  • This talk aims to address how we can align departmental strategic priorities, performance indicators and investment in digital solutions.
  • A Data Valuation Framework can inform how digital technologies (AI and automation) can be incorporated into the decision-making processes.
  • Dr. Pant will share insights in developing a framework for systematically assessing and analyzing the value of a dataset or a digital tool.

12:30 EDT

45 min


14:15 EDT

60 min
Francis Loughheed

Data Driven Impact: Leveraging Data to Tell Compelling Performance Stories

Francis Loughheed, Senior Policy Advisor Performance Measurement and Data Analytics, Natural Resources Canada

  • lessons learned and best practices to integrate data with performance measurement requirements
  • results-based measurement meets big data
  • leveraging government service delivery frameworks with advanced data analysis
  • the role of data visualizations in telling compelling impact related performance stories
  • implications for integrated planning and evaluation