Day One: Tuesday, November 23, 2021

12:15 EST

45 min


13:00 EST

45 min
Arjun Asokakumar

The Art of the Possible with Unstructured Data

Arjun Asokakumar, Director, Data Science & People Analytics, RBC

  • What is unstructured data and why is it important?
  • Introduction to Text Analytics and typical HR use cases
  • Approaches to Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing (from dictionaries to neural networks)
  • Tips on how to get started
  • Building your roadmap for the possible

13:45 EST

45 min
Ilia Maor

Advanced People Analytics: Nuanced Interpretation

Ilia Maor, Manager, HR Technology & Analytics, The Regional Municipality of York

This presentation will focus on: The accurate interpretation of common HR data and people metrics to inform decision making, and the potential adverse effects of misinterpretation

The session will provide practitioners with a better understanding of common challenges with metrics like span-of-control, turnover, churnover, retirement data, time-to-fill, etc, and equip them with critical insight about how to interpret HR data within their own context.

14:30 EST

60 min
Jill Birch

Emergence Leadership in a Disruptive World

Jill Birch, CEO and Founder, BirchGrove Inc.

It’s hard to imagine a world before the pandemic: remember back to January 2020 when life seemed so simple? As leaders  pivot between “what was”, “what is” and “what will be” visions, missions and values are being recast, strategy re calibrated and team strength tested. Leaders are assessing where the biggest gaps exist, technically, functionally and structurally. This means different kinds of behaviour and fresh ways of leading will be needed as we emerge from the pandemic.

Relational leadership is a new way to think about how we lead in these disruptive times. When we better understand how  leadership happens, relationships improve, costly missteps are avoided, and goals more quickly achieved. Alignment and  accountability are crystalized. Decisions become less reliant on what we take for granted and more evidence based. The 7  Stepping Stones of Relational Leadership is a collaborative framework designed to help leaders make the leap to greater self-awareness and appreciation of the insights and views of others.

Based on ten years of research, Dr. Jill Birch has designed a framework that will empower you to create real and  meaningful change, enhance communication, spark authentic collaboration, and integrate new perspectives that spark  innovation. Join this energizing keynote address to learn how relational leadership will inspire, motivate, and embody new  ways to think about how we lead, how we develop ourselves – and others – as leaders.

15:30 EST

60 min
Bill Chan

Enabling a Data-Driven Culture in HR

Bill Chan, Senior HR Advisor, People & Culture Analytics & Reporting, WorkSafeBC

We have heard some great presentations today about using data to tackle HR issues as well as applying some advanced techniques to that data, but how did today’s speakers and their organizations get to this point? How did they embrace a data-driven culture? What even is a data-driven culture, for that matter, particularly in relation to HR? Do you have a data-driven culture already, and if not, how and why should you promote one? Let’s take a step back to explore data-driven cultures, how to excite your HR team about the possibilities of data, and some ideas to strengthen their data literacy.

Day Two: Wednesday, November 24, 2021

10:45 EST

60 min

Moving from Dashboards to Decisions

Tony Bennett, Executive Director, HR Analytics & Planning, Alberta Health Services

This presentation will provide insight to AHS’ HR Analytics team’s evolution through the COVID crisis.  You will see how AHS went from relying on workforce data and metrics to needing an integrated view of its workforce – now and in the future.  Our discussion will include reviewing how operational needs through COVID required solid data and dashboards, but soon relied on integrating workforce analytics with operational and public health projections and models

11:45 EST

60 min
Rob Catalano

Your Employee Voice Strategy's Role in Collecting Key Data to Improve the Employee Experience

Rob Catalano, Chief Engagement Officer, WorkTango

Understanding what is important to employees and what motivates them has never been more critical to keeping your organization on track.  Improve your employee engagement, productivity and retention with a data-driven approach.  Gain actionable insights to develop a strategy for your Voice of the Employee program by:

  • Why focusing on a better Employee Voice strategy is important in today’s changing workforce
  • The evolution of Employee Voice, and why certain methods are outdated and no longer adequate on their own
  • Learning trends of how companies are shifting their Employee Voice approach
  • How great organizations are leveraging employee voice data towards behaviour change

12:45 EST

45 min


13:30 EST

60 min

Organizational Network Analysis in Action: Applying Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) Insights to Improve how Business Teams Work at Eaton

Mei Kim, Global Leader, Strategic Workforce Planning & Workforce Insights, Eaton

How actionable are insights from ONA? These are questions we often get challenged with as People Analytics Practitioners, especially as ONA evolves to become a core capability within a people analytics function. In this session, we describe how we positioned ONA as a means to uncover insights that help improve the way business teams work with each other, ensure onboarding success with start-up teams, and quite simply, how teams build accountabilities within their roles. The 2 key take-aways from this session are (1) How to build the case for ONA with your business (2) Deliver ONA insights that inform actions to improve business results.

14:30 EST

60 min
Zac Nichol

Building and Implementing an HR Analytics Team in Smaller Organizations

Zac Nichol, Senior Consultant, MNP Digital

While the future is never certain, HR executives and practitioners recognize that analytics will play an increasingly important role in decision making of their organizations. From the ability to clearly understand what has happened, to the capability to provide prescriptive action to managers regarding what should happen, analytics is a key resource to any HR organization. This session will help you gain insight into the power of analytics and the contribution it can make to the organization even if you are starting with minimal resources and people.

  • Build an HR analytics function when resources are limited
  • Learn how to gather data and ensure that it’s uniform, accurate and consistent
  • Set goals and KPIs to ensure HR processes are completely fact-based and aligned to your organization’s way of thinking
  • Explore what makes people analytics different from other analytic fields

15:30 EST

60 min
Patrick Joseph Tuason

Agility in People Analytics: Relevant & Timely Analytics Outcomes that Drive Value and Business Engagement

Patrick Joseph Tuason, Manager, HR Reporting & Analytics, HydroOne

  • Importance of Business Relevance in in People Analytics
  • Time and agility is a key factor that we tend to overlook
  • What is ‘agile’ and how can it be applied in People Analytics
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Iteration
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Demonstrated value