Day One: Tuesday, September 28, 2021

11:45 EDT

45 min
Wendy Cukier

Report on Women and Racilized People in Senior Leadership Positions

Wendy Cukier, Founder, Diversity Institute, Academic Director, Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub, Research Lead of the Future Skills Centre and Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University

  • The study analyzes data on the representation of women, racialized people, and members of the Black community on boards in eight jurisdictions across Canada:
    the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Greater Montreal, Greater Vancouver, the Calgary Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs), Halifax, Hamilton, London, and Ottawa.
  • Analysis of data from five different sectors: municipal and provincial agencies, boards, and commissions (ABCs); corporate sector; voluntary sector; hospital sector; and education sector (consisting of both university and college leaders and elected board members who govern school boards).

12:30 EDT

45 min


13:15 EDT

45 min
Karen Wensley

The Importance of Numerous, Courageous and Uncomfortable Conversations about Diversity and Inclusion

Karen Wensley, Karen N Wensley Consulting

  • Why are workplace conversations about diversity and inclusiveness important?
  • What are the possible purposes of a conversation? Should you decide on the purpose(s) before you start? Do all the parties need to agree?
  • What makes a conversation productive? How can you increase the likelihood that a conversation will be productive?
  • What is the difference between an uncomfortable conversation and one that is hurtful?
  • How to prepare for a conversation and how to respond to the unplanned conversation.
  • What are the minefields?  What if the conversation goes badly wrong?
  • How can you coach others to have more productive conversations?
  • How can you develop the culture of your organization to encourage productive conversations? What tools and resources can help?

14:00 EDT

45 min
Helen Grantis

Removing Barriers for Persons with Disabilities in the Workplace - Accessible and Inclusive Staffing and Assessment

Helen Grantis, Specialist in Accessible and Inclusive Staffing and Assessment, Public Service Commission of Canada

  • Inclusive and accessible recruitment and selection practices:
  • Accessible job advertisements and job requirements;
  • Fair Assessment best practices;
  • Removing barriers in hiring and assessment;
  • Accommodations during the selection process;
  • Universal Design of Assessment

14:45 EDT

15 min


15:00 EDT

30 min

Inclusive Recruitment at Accenture

Rosie Given, Inclusion and Diversity Recruiting Lead, Accenture

  • How Accenture has developed processes for connecting with, interviewing, and hiring a diverse set of individuals through understanding and valuing different backgrounds and opinions
  • The importance of intersectional recruitment that focuses on more than just gender or race
  • What are the challenges?
  • Understanding sources of bias
  • How do you deal with the barriers?
  • Principles of inclusive recruitment
  • What works?

16:00 EDT

45 min
Sharon Chung

Breaking Barriers: Diversity Sourcing Teams and Sourcing Strategies - Focus on LGBTQ+ Community

Sharon Chung, Senior Manager, Diversity and Inclusion, Talent Sourcing, TD

  • Diversity sourcing teams and sourcing strategies
  • Building the diverse talent pipeline
  • Segmented approaches for visible minorities, indigenous Peoples, People with disabilities, newcomers, LGBTQ+, Women
  • LGBTQ+ initiatives
  • Removing hiring bias
  • Building inclusive leadership
  • Enabling D & I culture change

16:45 EDT

End of Day One

Day Two: Wednesday, September 29, 2021

11:00 EDT

60 min
Brandy Ryan

How Employee Resources Groups (ERGs) Drive Positive Results at EY and Canada Post

Brandy Ryan, Director, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Canada Post

Chris Crespo, Inclusiveness Director, Talent Team, Ernst & Young LLP

  • Where, when and how are ERG’s created
  • Leading the EY Americas Professional Network Strategy
  • Keeping people connected
  • As a conduit for providing insights to leadership
  • Leveraging leadership support
  • Adjusting over the years while focussing on key drivers of connectivity, careers and marketplace that drive retention, progression and brand
  • Communicating, setting goals and action items

12:00 EDT

45 min


14:30 EDT

15 min


14:45 EDT

60 min
Brad Spence

Best Practices For Increasing Indigenous Workforce Representation, Inclusion and Retention

Brad Spence, Indigenous and Community Relations Specialist, Professional Services, ECO Canada

  • Repairing the harm caused by residential schools and moving forward with reconciliation
  • Systemic barriers and discrimination
  • Recruitment barriers that exist for Indigenous Peoples and how they affect recruitment strategies
  • Insights on current challenges for recruiting Indigenous Peoples
  • How to improve your Indigenous recruitment, on-boarding, interviewing, and retention best practices
  • An Indigenous perspective and lens on recruiting

15:45 EDT

45 min
Cynthia MacFarlane

Update on Pay Equity - An Invaluable Tool on the Road to Diversity and Inclusion

Cynthia MacFarlane, Principal, Career, Mercer Canada

  • Why pay equity is a powerful accelerator in working towards diversity and inclusion
  • What will be required in preparing for and implementing  federally regulated vs. provincially regulated pay equity
  • Timelines for the complying with federal legislation
  • Where are you and where should you be?

16:30 EDT

End of Day Two