Patrick Barr

Patrick Barr

Policy Advisor, Open Banking and Finance

Canadian Credit Union Association

Director, Finance Treasury & Budget

Open Banking Initiative Canada

Patrick Barr is a Government Relations and Policy Advisor for the Canadian Credit Union Association (CCUA), specializing in Open Banking and data-centric files. Additionally, Patrick is serving a two year term as the Director of Finance, Treasury, and Budget for the Open Banking Initiative Canada. Prior to transitioning into Government Relations, Patrick held various roles in Finance and Capital Markets.

Lewis S Eisen

Lewis S Eisen

C.I.P. Speaker, Consultant, Author

Lewis S Eisen, JD, CVP shows organizations how to shift their policy writing culture from confrontational to cooperative. He is a former practising lawyer, technology consultant, and Government of Canada policy writer. His international bestseller How to Write Rules that People Want to Follow: A guide to drafting respectful policies and directives, is now in its third edition, and his approach has been adopted at organizations across the US, Canada, and the UK.

Andrea Greenhous

President and Chief Internal Communications Strategist


Akshay Mohan

PhD Candidate

Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources, University of Toronto

Ruben F.W. Nelson

Ruben F.W. Nelson

Executive Director

Foresight Canada

Ruben Nelson is one of the few Canadian pioneers of serious futures thinking and its application in the practice of strategic Foresight.  Ruben has invested his life exploring the many ways we and our world are changing and what this means for our future.  He has used his insights in every corner and sector of Canada to assist senior executives make reliable sense of their adjacent futures.  Ruben’s research has led him to the view that, if we are to sustain success in the unique conditions of the 21st Century, we must develop new mental maps of where we are in history.  Over six decades, Ruben has taught philosophy and comparative religion, worked for Pierre Trudeau, helped formulate Canada’s policy on Multiculturalism and been a leader in the Canadian Association for Futures Studies, the International Association for Humanistic Psychology, the World Futures Studies Federation and the Institute on Religion in an Age of Science.  Ruben was born and raised in Calgary, educated at Queen’s University, Kingston, Queen’s Theological College, Kingston, and United Theological College, Bangalore, India.  Today, Ruben is Executive Director of Foresight Canada.  He and Heather, his wife of 60 years, and their two cats live in Lac Des Acrs in the Alberta Rockies.  They have two, now adult, children.

Steven Shrybman


Goldblatt Partners

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Anna Wong

Anna Wong


Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada