Day One: Tuesday, December 7, 2021

10:30 EST

15 min

Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Chair

10:45 EST

60 min
Marc Boychuk

Homelessness in Rural Canada

Marc Boychuk, Homeless Advocate, ICare

I will speak on some touching stories from my personal experiences and others, the largest most important health study you have never heard of,  advocating for change and why it’s crucial for mental health supports to end homelessness.

11:45 EST

60 min
Zain Abedin Asad Bhatti

Barriers to Successfully Developing Affordable Housing

Zain Abedin, Director of Community Development, Rural Development Network

Asad Bhatti, Capital Funding Manager, Rural Development Network

Azam Khattak, Research & Data Specialist, Rural Development Network

Daniel Morin, Planning & Community Development Specialist, Rural Development Network

Trevor Horne, Community Development Coordinator, Rural Development Network

Jesse Tjepkema, Planning & Research Analyst, Rural Development Network

  • We will cover SHI’s background, our process and our Step-by-Step Guide to Developing Affordable Housing
  • We will cover a bit of background on the affordable housing space in Canada, such as the National Housing Strategy
  • We will host discussion with the participants on the barriers they’ve faced in developing affordable housing
  • We will also host discussion with the participants on how barriers to developing affordable housing can be addressed
  • We will lastly discuss what resources participants feel would be helpful for organizations to move their projects forward – so that we can communicate that in future work and discussions

12:45 EST

45 min


13:30 EST

60 min
Shaun Dyck Kelly Pruden

Creating opportunities for Indigenous Businesses and Service Providers through Modular Housing Development

Shaun Dyck, Director of Housing, Central Urban Metis Federation Inc.

Kelly Pruden, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Central Urban Metis Federation Inc.

  • An overview of the Round Prairie Elders’ Lodge, which utilized modular building techniques
  • How to provide opportunities for Indigenous businesses and service providers.
  • Tips on assessing companies that participate in the tendering process
  • How to work with their General Contractor to connect them with Indigenous companies that can provide goods and services.
  • Ways to maximize economic benefits flowing to Indigenous businesses through housing projects addressing Indigenous housing needs.

14:30 EST

60 min
Crystal Sedore

A Network of Nations- Housing Mentorship for a Unified Indigenous Community

Crystal Sedore, Program Coordinator, BC First Nations Housing Mentorship Program, Yale First Nation

  • Why do so many  First Nations struggle putting down housing?
  • Why collaborate?
  • Why do we need each other?
  • How do we support each other?
  • How do we work together?
  • How does mentoring work?
  • What problems are we avoiding when we support each other?
  • When is the best time to connect with other nations?
  • When is a good time to offer help?

15:30 EST

60 min

Build Capacity and Self-Determination Over Local Services and Community Infrastructure

  • Understand the importance of investing in First Nation infrastructure
  • Consider the unique interests and needs of Indigenous communities
  • Improve access to financing options for project construction and maintenance capital
  • Undertake sufficient capital planning, project management and hire construction experts
  • Understand the importance of investment and community infrastructure

16:30 EST

Closing Remarks from the Chair

Day Two: Wednesday, December 8, 2021

10:30 EST


Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Chair

10:30 EST

60 min

Strategies to Tackle Housing and Homelessness in Small Communities

  • Implement an Indigenous strategy to address community-housing challenges
  • Build partnerships and strategies for resilience in affordable housing
  • Understand how a housing strategy is integral to reconciliation
  • Explore a holistic approach to housing
  • Insights into the way forward – accelerated action on Indigenous homelessness

11:30 EST

60 min

Mobilizing the Development of Community-led Supportive Housing Plans in the Canadian North

  • Implement accessible, equitable and inclusive services
  • Supporting  Indigenous communities to end homelessness
  • Hear practical tips for service providers
  • Step-by-step to developing a housing framework
  • Explore key components of housing and supports

12:30 EST

45 min


13:15 EST

60 min

Preparation and Prioritization of Maintenance Programs in First Nations Communities

  • Develop a maintenance plan to guide property maintenance in Indigenous communities
  • Approve, review and adjust your maintenance plan
  • Step-by-step guide to making an effective housing program
  • Ensure you are putting your resources to their best use
  • Set reasonable expectations and realistic goals

14:15 EST

60 min

Building Safe, Equitable and Energy Efficient Homes

  • Promote energy efficient practices to lower costs, create jobs and help the environment
  • Understand how energy efficiency could lead to more affordable homes to live in and maintain
  • Hear the latest recommendations on appropriate upgrades and technologies to retrofit homes in the community
  • Improve energy performance and make life more affordable
  • Develop sustainable building practices that meet local cultural requirements

15:15 EST

45 min


16:00 EST

60 min

Creating Safe and Affordable Housing

  • Understand the importance of implementing a national housing strategy
  • Build and acquire longer-term innovative housing solutions to meet the immediate needs of Indigenous communities
  • Step-by-step guide to ensuring immediate access to safe and affordable housing
  • Hear the latest housing development projects that are designed by and for Indigenous communities
  • Enhance funding availability, funding opportunities and consultation

17:00 EST

Closing Remarks from the Chair