Receive expert information and guidance on:

  • Compliance with:
    • Serious new harassment and violence obligations under Part 2 of the CLC
    • New individual and group termination provisions
    • Constantly changing Covid protocols and requirements
    • New bereavement and medical leave provisions
    • New rules and important exemptions on calculating hours of work, notice of shift, scheduling changes, breaks, rests and more
  • What Labour Standards are Inspectors and Investigators enforcing?
  • Actively implementing all the steps required to post your pay equity plan in time!
  • Beware Criminal Code and Officers and Directors liability
Preconference Session for Indigenous and Other Organizations
May 9, 2022, 14:00 – 16:30 p.m.
Which Law Applies?
Canada Labour Code OR Provincial Legislation

Instructor: Kyle Lambert, Partner, McMillan LLP
Featured Session
Calculating Hours of Work, Notice of Shift, Scheduling Changes, Breaks, Rests and More: New Rules and Important Exemptions
Simon-Pierre Paquette, Director, Labour, Employment & Litigation, Purolator Inc