Day One: Wednesday, September 28, 2022

11:00 EDT

15 min


11:15 EDT

45 min
Wendy Cukier

Addressing Microaggressions

Wendy Cukier, Founder & Academic Director, Diversity Institute, Academic Director, Women Entrepreneurship Hub, Research Lead of the Future Skills Centre, Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly Ryerson University)

Created by the Black Business and Professional Association, the Canadian Congress on Diversity and Workplace Equity, Pride at Work Canada, and Ryerson University’s Diversity Institute,  The Micropedia of Microaggressions equips Canadians with an understanding of one of the most common forms of discrimination—microaggressions—and supports training on equity, diversity and inclusion.

  • Understandi the harmful impact of microaggressions on daily experience of many women, non-binary, Black, racialized, Indigenous, disabled and LGBTQ 2S individuals
  • Becoming aware of bias, stereotypes, offensive comments and behaviours
  • Mental health and physical impacts of microaggressions
  • Steps to unlearn behaviours

12:00 EDT

60 min


13:00 EDT

45 min
Jennifer Popkey

What I Have Learned Leading the “Canadian People with Disabilities Inclusive Recruitment” Portfolio at TD Disability

Jennifer Popkey, Diversity & Inclusion Talent Partner – People with Disabilities, TD Bank Group

  • What can be barriers to recruitment in your organization?
  • Initiatives to improve your recruitment process
  • Establishing internal and external relationships for ongoing recruitment
  • Different types of onboarding and ongoing support for new hires
  • Looking ahead in the recruitment space

13:45 EDT

45 min
Sacha de Klerk

Often Overlooked Questions Around Hiring and Promotion Decisions

Sacha de Klerk, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Canada, Norton Rose Fulbright

  • Is there a burning need for change?
  • How do you light the fire?
  • Is there accountability?
  • Is diversity part of senior management decision making?
  • “Will he or she fit in?”
  • Auditing hiring and promotion processes on basis of gender
  • The role of unconsious bias training
  • Checks and balances in decision making

14:30 EDT

30 min


15:00 EDT

45 min
Michelle Gorea Nicole Kaniki

Black Canadians’ Perspectives of Social and Emotional Skills in the Workplace

Michelle Gorea, Senior Research Associate, Education and Skills, The Conference Board of Canada

Nicole Kaniki, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Research and Innovation, University of Toronto

  • Discussion of social and emotional skills and their role in the workplace.
  • Review of findings from our recent study that explores how Black Canadian professionals perceive the development, expressions, and evaluation of their social and emotional skills at work.
  • Exploration of why workplaces must recognize diverse understandings of social and emotional skills and create spaces where people feel they can safely express their skills regardless of identity.
  • Recommendations for leaders to consider as they work towards fostering more inclusive, equitable work environments.

15:45 EDT

15 min

Q & A

16:00 EDT

End of Day One

Day Two: Thursday, September 29, 2022

10:15 EDT

45 min
Thushyanthi (Thushy) Muruges

Employee Resource Groups: What, Where, When and How?

Thushyanthi (Thushy) Muruges, Equitable Design Lead, People and Experience, Culture Amp

  • How are impactful ERGs created?
  • How do you connect people and keep the connections alive?
  • How can ERGs act as a conduit for providing insights to leadership?
  • Leveraging leadership support for ERGs
  • How ERG members can leverage ERG work for career development, employer branding and ERGs?
  • Communicating, setting goals and action items

11:00 EDT

15 min


11:15 EDT

45 min
Kimberley Messer

Harnessing the Power of Allies in Support of the LGBT Community at IGM Financial

Kimberley Messer, VP, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, IGM Financial

  • Importance of allies to all underrepresented and marginalized communities
  • Role of supportive open-minded and compassionate allies who are committed to breaking down barriers
  • What does it mean to be an ally?
  • Effective ways of harnessing allies to bring about positive culture change in the workplace
  • Role of active allies and the ally program at IGM Financial

12:00 EDT

60 min


13:00 EDT

45 min

Recruitment and Retention of Indigenous Employees

Jeff Robert, Human Resources Advisor, Independent First Nations

  • Systemic barriers and discrimination
  • Recruitment barriers that exist for Indigenous Peoples and how they affect recruitment strategies
  • Insights on current challenges for recruiting Indigenous Peoples
  • How to improve your Indigenous recruitment, on-boarding, interviewing, and retention best practices
  • An Indigenous perspective and lens on recruiting

14:30 EDT

15 min


14:45 EDT

45 min
Robert Catalano

The Power of DEI Surveys & How You Can Use Them to Gather Impactful Insights

Robert Catalano, Chief Engagement Officer, WorkTango

  • Knowing what questions you need to ask and what data and metrics you need
  • Building alignment across the organization to collect DEI demographics and sentiment
  • How to leverage data and insights once it is collected
  • Best practices and stories of companies that are leading the way

15:30 EDT

45 min
Tina Walter

Moving From Diversity to Inclusion

Tina Walter, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant, Former Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant, Employment and Social Development Canada

  • What does it take to move an organization from diversity to inclusion?
  • Understanding the culture
  • Invisible norms and practices
  • Systemic discrimination
  • Interpersonal discrimination and microaggressions
  • Unconscious bias
  • White privilege  and fragility
  • Intersectionality

16:15 EDT

End of Day Two