Today’s foremost expert will provide advice and guidance how to:

  • Identify new risks arising from transformational change
  • Apply effective new techniques, trends and best practices in scanning the environment for changes required to maintain the effectiveness of internal controls
  • Learn what metrics are required to measure and monitor your organization’s progress in diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Understand what Board oversight includes and the role of the Board in setting risk tolerance
  • Use due diligence to drive confidence in outsourced controls when outsourcing to third parties
  • Benefit from lessons learned about fraud and waste hotlines
  • Build resilience into your financial controls monitoring program
  • Hear how to assess risks and controls at the program level
  • Learn to detect employee benefits fraud

Featured Session!

    Monia Lahaie

The Evolution of Internal Controls in the Government of Canada
Monia Lahaie, Assistant Comptroller General of Financial Management Sector at Office of the Comptroller General, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, Government of Canada