Day One: Tuesday, November 22, 2022

10:15 EST

45 min
Monia Lahaie

The Evolution of Internal Controls in the Government of Canada

Monia Lahaie, Assistant Comptroller General of Financial Management Sector at Office of the Comptroller General, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, Government of Canada

  • Historical context giving rise to the Policy on Internal Control and its evolution
  • The journey from Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (ICFR) to Internal Controls over Financial Management (ICFM)
  • What’s next: Leveraging data to modernize governance and oversight
  • Central agency support for effective systems of internal controls

11:00 EST

45 min
Isabelle Roberge Alex Gong

Evaluating Internal Controls Across the Procure-to-Pay Process

Isabelle Roberge, Senior Manager, Risk Assurance Services, PwC Canada

Alex Gong, One Analytics - Senior Manager, PWC Canada

This session will cover how the UiPath process mining tool was used to evaluate the Procure-to-Pay process for a major government department. Topics will include process mining functionalities including:

  • Exploring variations in the process
  • Identifying inefficiencies with root cause analysis
  • Reviewing automation opportunities, and accessing process non-conformance

11:45 EST

45 min
Alec Keyes Marc-Antoine Guenette

When and How ERM can inform Internal Control Design and Monitoring

Alec Keyes, Acting Assistant Director of the Risk Management Centre of Expertise, Canada Revenue Agency

Marc-Antoine Guenette, Assistant Director of IT & Security, and Emerging Technology Audit, Evaluation, and Risk Branch, Canada Revenue Agency / Government of Canada

  • Identifying your organization’s approach to ERM
  • Avoiding duplication and contradictions
  • Using risk tolerance to inform control design
  • Tips on using ERM reporting to anticipate and avoid surprises

12:30 EST

60 min


14:15 EST

45 min
Jane Whynot

Internal Controls to Monitor Progress in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Jane Whynot, Partner, Goss Gilroy Inc.

  • Internal Controls to identify gaps and monitor DEI progress
  • The need for quantifiable goals to increase accountability
  • What metrics are required?

15:00 EST

15 min


16:00 EST

End of Day One

Day Two: Wednesday, November 23, 2022

10:15 EST

45 min
Nina Grimes Nicole Dufresne Baker

Internal Control Considerations When Outsourcing to Third Parties

Nina Grimes, Partner, Deloitte LLP

Nicole Dufresne Baker, Director, Risk Advisory / Government and Public Service (GPS), Deloitte LLP

This session will provide high level insights for managing internal controls when relying on third parties.

  • Mitigating outsourcing risks by setting standards for outsourced providers
  • What level of due diligence is required?
  • Public sector obligations in outsourcing
  • Confidentiality and security issues
  • Contractual terms when dealing with the private sector

11:00 EST

45 min
Brian (Drew) McKenna

Data Analytics, Quantitative Risk & Internal Controls

Brian (Drew) McKenna, Manager Audit Technology Optimization & Modernization (ATOM) Office of the Comptroller General, Government of Canada

  • Our journey with data analytics across 40 large Federal Departments and Agencies
  • Transforming and Analyzing financial transactional data
  • Identifying risks or control failures through the actions of people
  • Visualising internal control results using a risk-based approach in PowerBI (demo)

12:30 EST

60 min


13:30 EST

45 min

Building Resilience into your Financial Controls Monitoring Program

Kristann Rose, Owner and Principal Consultant, KER Consulting Inc

  • Identifying issues and providing insights in real time
  • Navigating internal control programs through changes and challenges
  • Driving efficiency through strong processes and digitalization
  • Leveraging a three lines of defence approach to optimize assurance

15:00 EST

15 min


15:15 EST

45 min
Gary Askin

Preventing Benefits Fraud in the Public Sector

Gary Askin, AVP, Fraud Risk Management, Sun Life Financial Canada

Employers and their insurance providers are reeling at the proliferation of fraud rings — groups of employees who work together to abuse and exploit benefit plans, with medical services providers as their eager accomplices. Find out:

  • What long-standing auditing weaknesses allows this sort of brazen abuse to go unchecked?
  • What went wrong with internal controls – what controls were in place but ignored?
  • Control delusion – there is a control but it is not being exercised?
  • Role of data scientists
  • Solutions: Using an artificial intelligence program to spot fraudulent claims
  • Solutions: The approved providers network

16:00 EST

End of Day Two