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Canadian BCP and Emergency Management 2023


Day One: Tuesday, January 24, 2023


45 min
David Greenall Quentin Chiotti Vito Mangialardi Ryan Smith Ryan Ness Robert Haromszeki
Part 1

Managing the Risk of Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events on Key Infrastructure (and Your Own Organization): Evidence of Adaptation, Planning and Preparedness

Moderator: David Greenall, Global Managing Director – Climate Risk, Decarbonization & Resilience, KPMG International

Quentin Chiotti, Practice Lead, Climate Risk and Resilience, Matrix-Solutions Inc.

Vito Mangialardi, Senior Manager Business Continuity Management @ Metrolinx, Metrolinx

Ryan Smith, Senior Policy Analyst, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Government of Canada

Ryan Ness, Director, Adaptation, Canadian Climate Institute

Robert Haromszeki, Director, Emergency Management & Reliability Compliance, Hydro One Networks Inc.

Business Continuity and Emergency Planners will have their work cut out for them when addressing the plethora of physical risks associated with climate change. From hurricanes, windstorms, and ice storms to floods, heat, wildfires, avalanches and landslides, you, as a professional, have a unique opportunity to effectively prepare for, adapt to and mitigate the dramatic effects of extreme weather and climate change.

This session will focus on the impact of extreme weather and climate change on critical infrastructure like transit, electricity, and communications. Questions arise: How will providers of critical infrastructure and services be impacted and how will this impact affect you and your business? In addition, how are weather forecasts and climate change projections being used when initiating BCP and EM plans?

Benefit from deep insights on major issues including:

  • BCP & EM best practices that these key utilities / agencies employ that are transferable to your own organization
  • The ability of key service providers to maintain critical infrastructure during and after extreme weather events, and
  • The preparedness of owners of critical infrastructure to respond to future risks associated with the physical impacts from climate change
  • How the EMBC team at Hydro One is changing as a result of climate change
    • An overview on how our structure is all-hazard focused
    • This model supporting response to any event, including events that are a result of extreme weather
    • The OEB has approved our rate filing for 2023-2027, and customers want to see us be adaptable to all kinds of events, including climate change
    • While there are many lines of business that support climate-change readiness, we are there when mitigation efforts cannot withstand the impact


15 min



45 min
Part 2

Managing the Risk of Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events on Key Infrastructure (and Your Own Organization): Evidence of Adaptation, Planning and Preparedness (continued)


50 min
Richard​​ ​​Leblanc

Lessons to Learn from the Massive Rogers Outage

Richard​​ ​​Leblanc, Professor of Governance, Law​​ ​​&​​ ​​Ethics, York​​ ​​University

The July 8 outage immobilized the Rogers network and affected millions of customers across Canada, including people trying to contact emergency services. This session will provide important insights on cause and effect, management and oversight including:

  • What really happened?
  • Did governance issues lead to the outage?
    • What else failed?
    • How was the crisis handled?
    • Was compensation adequate?
    • Has Rogers restored public confidence?
    • What needs to be done to prevent a recurrence?
    • Lessons for you and your organization


45 min



45 min
Tiffany Leung

Business Continuity Challenges in Health Care - What Can We All Learn?

Tiffany Leung, Manager, Business Continuity and Emergency Management, William Osler Health System

Health workers across Canada are burned out and exhausted, surgical backlogs are rampant, primary care access is limited and emergency departments are facing closures. Hear an expert analysis of health care continuity challenges that will assist you in understanding and preparing for the future.


15 min



45 min
Don Holland

The Pervasive Economic Impact of Water Risk & the Impact On Your Own Organization

Don Holland, Canadian Market Leader, GHD

  • A new report combines insurance data and econometric modelling to demonstrate the impact of increased water risk
  • Cost of flooding 2020 to 2050
  • Impact of water risk on agriculture, banking and insurance, energy and utilities, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and retail, manufacturing and distributing
  • What should the water industry be doing?
  • An effective risk management approach to providing the necessary resilience


End of Day One

Day Two: Wednesday, January 25, 2023


60 min
Jill McIntosh

A Government of Canada Approach to Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Resiliency Practices / Update from Public Safety Canada

Jill McIntosh, Deputy Chief Security Officer (DCSO) and Senior Director, Government of Canada Continuity and Resilience Management, Public Safety Canada

Josee Lafleur, Assistant Director, Centre for Resilience and Continuity Management, Public Safety Canada

  • Who is the CRCM, our context, mandate
  • Lessons learned from COVID-19
  • Developing methodologies to support BCM and resiliency in a government context (new training – BCM 101 video, Critical Service Framework, Prioritization methodology, National Interest Categories for determining impacts, etc.)
  • Push to standardize the BCM approach across the Government of Canada
  • What’s next for the CRCM
  • Developing new tools, resources (BIA Tool, BCM Self-Assessment, New BCM
  • Guide for the GC, activation)


45 min
Des O’Callaghan

Demystifying BCP – Ensuring All the Basics are Included for Effectiveness

Des O’Callaghan, Fellow, Business Continuity Institute

This session will comprehensively review established continuity practices and explain how in combination they will pave the road to resilience. Attendees will take away a fresh perspective on professional practices, including:

  • Striking a balance between Risk assessment and Business Impact Analysis
  • Prioritizing proactive business continuity solutions
  • Selecting effective recovery strategies
  • Harmonising continuity with response and crisis management


60 min



45 min
Dr. Lance Mortlock

Planning for Multiple Futures: Scenario Planning - Preparing Your Organization for What You Don’t See Coming

Dr. Lance Mortlock, Strategy Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

  • The need to ask better questions about future possibilities
  • Using scenario planning to factor uncertainty, risk and strategy into your thinking
  • How scenario planning is being used effectively by public organizations of all sizes
  • How scenario planning makes use of artificial intelligence and other new methods that allow for consideration of more information and data.

Registration Includes: Your E-copy of “Disaster Proof”

Your guide to dealing with an unpredictable future by speaker Lance Mortlock:

  • Learn how scenario planning can identify risks and uncertainties
  • Predict a variety of different realities that will affect the future of your organization


45 min
Victor Munro

Building Resilience to Insider Threat: Creating a Sense of Security Accountability in All Employees

Victor Munro, Federal Public Service Security Lead, Accenture Canada, and Executive Director, Canadian Insider Risk Management Centre of Excellence

From the careless employee to the rogue business partner the risk of insiders gaining access to critical assets and data is more urgent than ever. This session will cover prevention and detection tools so you become better equipped to spot the threat from within.

  • What are good security practices?
  • How can organizations maintain them?
  • What is the best way to protect against insider threats?
  • Ensuring employees know what activity is off-limits in the workplace?
  • What do you look for to identify malicious insider threats?
  • Screening, background checks and monitoring and privacy consideration


15 min



45 min
Matt Watson

Learning From the Most Prolific Cyber Investigation Ever Undertaken by the OPP

Matt Watson, Detective Inspector, Crime Prevention and Investigations | Central Region, Ontario Provincial Police

The FBI, the RCMP and the OPP joined forces to investigate and charge an Ottawa man who launched over 1,000 ransomware and cyber attacks against businesses and individuals in Canada and cyberattacks in the U.S. This is the most prolific investigation ever undertaken by the OPP. Hear what the OPP learned that will help you prevent attacks in your own organization.

  • How attacks begin
  • What system vulnerabilities lead to attack
  • Best practices for preventing attacks
  • How attacks are investigated
  • The need for all victims to report attacks
  • The need for international and domestic partnerships with law enforcement and other organizations


End of Day Two