Day One: Tuesday, November 29, 2022

10:15 EST

30 min
Keynote Address

Canada’s Critical Minerals Strategy - New Opportunities for Canada

10:45 EST

45 min
Amanda Linett Paul Knight Rick McCreary

Financing Mineral Exploration: State of Capital Markets Post Ukraine

Moderator: Amanda Linett, Partner, Stikeman Elliott, LLP

Paul Knight, Vice Chairman and Co-Head of Global Metals and Mining, Barclay's Bank PLC

Rick McCreary, Deputy Chair, Investment Banking, TD Securities Inc.

A significant part of mining exploration is performed by juniors, pre-revenue organizations that need to continually go to the capital markets to finance their operations.The challenges involved in financing exploration differ from those required for producing companies.

Hear experienced financiers on:

  • Critical and unique aspects involved in the process of exploration financing, and
  • Useful tips for  making the most of these  financing deals

11:30 EST

15 min


11:45 EST

45 min
Corey Walrod

Investor Analytics – ESG Reporting and Ratings, Sustainability-linked Bonds and more!

Corey Walrod, Extractive Lead Analyst, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)

Dana Sasarean, Sector lead for Mining ESG Research, Sustainalytics

  • Why do investors now care so much about ESG issues?
  • How much can investors rely on ESG reports?
  • Do the reports validate true ground level sustainability performance?
  • What changes can mining companies make to improve ESG reporting and maximize long-term value for shareholders and stakeholders?
  • How do you build an ESG policy that ensures reliability?
  • Government of Canada green bonds and the green bond framework
  • Sustainability-linked bond (SLB)
  • Expenditures that are eligible for allocation to a green bond
  • Alignment with the International Capital Markets Association Green Bond Principles.

12:30 EST

60 min


13:30 EST

45 min
Leanne C. Krawchuk, K.C. Carl Calandra

Joint Ventures and Strategic Investments from Seniors and Mid Tiers into Juniors

Leanne C. Krawchuk, K.C., Partner, Dentons

Carl Calandra, Vice President & General Counsel, Cerrado Gold

Joint ventures are growing in popularity as a means of counteracting market difficulties, streamlining innovation and funding exploration in a challenging time for junior mining companies.

  • How, why and when joint ventures develop
  • Factors to consider before consolidating a strategic partnership
  • Partnership versus acquisition
  • Earn-in or funding agreements
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Risks and challenges
  • Case studies

14:15 EST

45 min
Tamara Howarth Patrick Deutscher

Royalty and Streaming Financing

Tamara Howarth, Vice President, Legal, Wheaton Precious Metals

Patrick Deutscher, Counsel, Business Law Group, McCarthy Tetrault LLP

Mining companies are increasingly searching out metal streaming and royalties as attractive and flexible options to other financing alternatives. While the streaming model was originally focused on producers’ non-core assets, it is now becoming increasingly popular among project developers that require financing. Find out:

  • Royalty/metal stream structure
  • Rationale and objectives
  • Comparison to traditional (debt) financing
  • Key transaction issues, including detailed diligence items
  • Long-term nature of streaming relationship
  • Emerging trends

15:00 EST

15 min


16:00 EST

45 min
David Billedeau

Critical Minerals: The 2022 Budget

David Billedeau, Senior Director of Natural Resources, Environment, and Sustainability, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Andrew Swart, Canadian Energy Resources and Industrials Managing Partner, Deloitte Inc.

Van Ramsay, Canadian Mining and Metals Leader, Deloitte Inc.

  • Budget 2022 Investments for Canada’s Critical Minerals Strategy
  • The Canada Growth Fund
  • Canada and U.S Joint Action Plan on Critical Mineral Collaboration
  • Report of the Critical Mineral Council

16:45 EST

End of Day One

Day Two: Wednesday, November 30, 2022

10:15 EST

45 min
Zach Flood

Fireside Chat with CEO Zach Flood: Shared Insights and Observations

Zach Flood, CEO, Kenorland Minerals

CEO insights and observations on mining finance:

  • Where have we been and where we are going?
  • The current environment and expectations
  • Financing trends
  • Opportunities and challenges

11:00 EST

45 min
Steven Suarez

Significant Changes to the Flow-Through Share Program

Steven Suarez, Partner, Borden Ladner Gervais

  • Critical Mineral Exploration Tax Credit to incentivize investment in Canadian exploration and development activities for certain specified minerals  (CMETC)
  • Phasing out flow-through shares for oil, gas, and coal activities

11:45 EST

45 min
Francis Fournier

Why You Need to Dig Deeper into Process Risk and Projections

Francis Fournier, President and CEO, Corem

Process questions that were not asked have led to dramatic shortfalls in financing discovered only after all loan and other disbursements were made.  The results have been disastrous and have led to the downfall of projects that were otherwise expected to be highly successful.

  • Lessons learned on digging deeper into process
  • What can and cannot be done
  • Questions you need to ask

12:30 EST

60 min


14:15 EST

45 min
Bruno Caron

Sustainability-linked Bonds (SLB)

Bruno Caron, Partner, Miller Thomson LLP

Despite their relative novelty, Sustainability-Linked Bonds (SLB), have seen a meteoric rise in popularity. Borrowers set specific environmental, social and governmental goals in exchange for slightly more favourable terms.

16:00 EST

End of Day Two