Day One: Tuesday, February 28, 2023

10:45 EST

60 min
Raymond Flett

St. Theresa Point First Nation Housing Story

Raymond Flett, Housing Authority Board Member, St. Theresa Point First Nation Housing Authority

The session will provide participants with a broad perspective of St Theresa Point First Housing Program and its challenge to provide adequate housing. The story is important to pass on to the general society about the challenges that the first nation encounters. Hopefully, in this session we will be able to start pointing in the right direction to find suitable solutions in developing adequate housing for the first nation. St Theresa Point First Nation is a remote first nation accessible by air 10 months of the year and approximately 2 months of ice road in the winter season.

12:45 EST

45 min


14:30 EST

60 min
Marc Boychuk

The Importance of Community Collaboration to End Homelessness

Marc Boychuk, Homelessness Advocate, ICare

  • With the complex issues around housing and homelessness, community collaboration is essential to close the gaps and work on key areas to resolve them.
  • Why the police need to be involved in the battle to end homelessness.
  • The impact of mental health on communities and why it needs to be addressed and involved in keeping people housed.
  • Success stories and getting your community on the right paths to collaboration.

15:30 EST

60 min
Stan Knight

Housing Capacity Development on FN

Stan Knight, Project Manager, Zachary Knight Enterprises

Current issues facing FN when dealing with housing assets

  • Code compliance inspection during course of construction to ensure compliance with building code
  • Plan reviews before building
  • Lack of home inspectors for repair inspections
  • Lack of estimating skills
  • Lack of project management skills to oversee work that is being done
  • Crooked contractors who overcharge or don’t do a good job
  • Crooked suppliers who supply crappy materials or overcharge
  • Homeowners with a lack of knowledge of basic home maintenance
  • Bottomless pit of training / train then leave / back to square one

Day Two: Wednesday, March 1, 2023

10:45 EST

60 min
Taylor Muloin

Housing & Homelessness Solutions for Urban Indigenous People

Taylor Muloin, Senior Program Advisor, Housing & Homelessness, Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres

  • Brief history of the work that Friendship Centre’s do in communities
  • Share some of the work the OFIFC does around housing and homelessness
  • Overview of specific housing and homelessness issues affecting urban Indigenous people
  • Discuss challenges in addressing housing
  • Success stories of housing projects and community collaboration

11:45 EST

60 min
Asad Bhatti

Step-by-Step Guide to Developing Affordable Housing – Version 2.0

Asad Bhatti, Director, Housing, Rural Development Network

  • The Step-by-Step Guide to Developing Affordable Housing is a tool made for groups looking to develop Affordable Housing for their community
  • The Guide covers how to develop affordable housing from the very onset of project conception all the way to operations
  • The Guide also includes worksheets and templates to help you develop your affordable housing project
  • The Guide was recently updated to include more thorough information on sustainability, construction and more
  • The update also includes more information on funding, and how organizations of certain sizes would typically handle project development

12:45 EST

45 min


13:30 EST

60 min
Trevor Trainor

Mold Resistant Homes: Lessons From the Far-North

Trevor Trainor, President, Bawating Building Science

Lessons from the Far North:

  • Lesson 1: Addressing moisture control must be our first priority
  • Lesson 2: Air leakage condensation is the primary source of moisture in the far north
  • Lesson 3: Building air tightness is the primary defense against air leakage condensation
  • Lesson 4: Exterior insulation is an effective defense against air leakage condensation
  • Lesson 5: Ventilation is an effective defense against air leakage condensation Bonus

We need better building design and construction quality in the Far North and this will result in higher upfront costs but lower costs in long-term