Day One: Tuesday, January 23, 2024

10:45 EST

60 min
Rudy Lo Alex Goncharenko Dan Kelsey Mugdha Soman

Minimizing Program Fraud: Experiences from the Enterprise Financial Services Division

Rudy Lo, Director, Transfer Payment Ontario Branch

Alex Goncharenko, Director, Operations and Transformation Support Branch

Dan Kelsey, Senior Manager, Operations and Transformation Support Branch

Mugdha Soman, Senior Manager, Operations and Transformation Support Branch

  • Strengthen fraud prevention through proactive measures.
  • Conduct regular program audits and evaluations.
  • Implement stringent fraud detection procedures

11:45 EST

60 min
Aron Feuer

Living with Breaches. The New Age of Cybersecurity?

Aron Feuer, President, CEO, Valencia

  • Implement robust threat detection mechanisms
  • Establish real-time incident response protocols
  • Regularly update and patch security systems
  • Conduct thorough vulnerability assessments
  • Foster cross-functional cybersecurity collaboration

12:45 EST

45 min


13:30 EST

45 min
Adam Ennamli

Resilient Canadian Communities: Adopting Effective Strategies for a Changing Climate

Adam Ennamli, Chief Risk Officer, General Bank of Canada

  • Discuss decisional frameworks that use climate data to help communities proactively adapt infrastructure, policies, and social systems to increase resilience
  • Provide resilience success stories that have successfully developed adaptive controls to handle climate variability. Share real-world results
  • Highlight regulatory and policy innovations by different levels of government that incentivize resilience. Share examples and outcomes

15:45 EST

45 min
Imraan Bashir Bruno Couillard

The Quantum Leap: Cyber Security Implications of Quantum Computing

Imraan Bashir, Partner & National Public Sector Cyber Leader, KPMG Canada

Bruno Couillard, Co-Founder & CEO, Crypto4A Technologies Inc.

  • Brief introduction to quantum computing and recent developments in the field
  • Discussion on the cyber security implications of quantum computing, including threats and risks
  • Suggestions on how organizations can prepare for the age of quantum computing, including preparation steps that can be taken in the short-term

16:30 EST

Closing Remarks from the Chair

Day Two: Wednesday, January 24, 2024

10:30 EST

60 min
Margaret McKay

Understanding and Mitigating Data and Privacy Risks Associated with Artificial Intelligence

Margaret McKay, Program Leader, Digital Security, Privacy Program and AI for Logistics Program, National Research Council Canada

  • Understanding risk features of different kinds of AI systems
  • AI as a tool – understanding the risks of bias, accuracy, robustness, etc.
  • AI as an adversary – understanding the risks of automated attackers, misinformation, etc.
  • Mitigation approaches

12:30 EST

45 min


15:15 EST

60 min
Marc Belanger

Risk Management - Changing Workers / Changing Work World

Marc Belanger, Senior Manager, Practice Management Unit, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

  • One of the most important issues facing the Public Service today is the changing workers and the changing work world.
  • Dealing with the multiple generations (Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y/Millennials) can be quite exciting.
  • It offers many challenges and many opportunities at the same time, especially now in the Public Service.
  • Are you and your organizations ready for the coming generational transitions?
  • How can you and your organization deal with the impending changes and potentially thrive?

16:15 EST

Closing Remarks from the Chair