Crystal Bowen

Crystal Bowen

CEO and Founder

Delta Learning Solutions Inc.

As an ADHD and Autistic individual with over 10 years of learning design experience and a lifetime of lived experience, Crystal brings a unique perspective on how neuroinclusion impacts opportunities to thrive in workplace and learning environments.

She is currently leading a team of experts in the fields of psychological health and safety, diversity and inclusion, neurodiversity and learning design through her design, development and consulting practice to establish neuroinclusive universal design standards and training.
She believes in a society where all individuals have equitable opportunity to actualize their potential. Her mission is to empower people potential by design with innovative and inclusive learning solutions.

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Dave Coderre

Dave Coderre



Senior Data Analyst

River Analytics and Automation

David Coderre is a co-founder and the chief data analyst for River Analytics and Automation and the President, Computer Assisted Analysis Techniques and Solutions (CAATS). He is an expert in the development and use data analytics for fraud risk assessment, testing of internal controls, and continuous monitoring. He has 35+ years of experience using analytics to address financial and internal audit requirements.

Wendy Cukier

Wendy Cukier

Founder & Academic Director of the Diversity Institute, Academic Director of the Women Entrepreneurship Hub, and Research Lead of the Future Skills Centre

Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly Ryerson University)

Denise Gareau

Denise Gareau

Director Gender-based Analysis Plus Unit, Research, Data, and Intersectionality Branch

Women and Gender Equality Canada

Proud civil servant with nearly 30 years’ experience working in diverse economic and social public policy fields. Over the past decade, Denise has led on several horizontal and whole-of-government strategies, and in 2019 became the Government of Canada lead for Gender-based Analysis Plus – or – GBA Plus. Denise is a bold advocate for GBA Plus because of the valuable insights it generates for better and more responsive government programs and policies. When public policy practitioners hone their GBA Plus competency, they have a powerful tool at their disposal to change cultures and tackle discrimination and inequality. With capacity for robust and intersectional GBA Plus, across the Government of Canada, different orders of government and across diverse sectors of society, people can effect change within their individual context and collectively to dismantle the systems and structures that create/perpetuate inequalities.

Tara Langan

Tara Langan

Career TLC

Tara Langan has extensive experience as an HR business partner who has supported leaders and teams in municipal, provincial government as well as private sectors. After receiving a late diagnosis of ADHD herself she speaks openly about how her own neurodivergence. She now consults with organizations on how they can integrate neurodiversity into existing diversity and inclusion plans to create cultures where employee thrive.

Her services include leadership development training / self advocacy workshops / professional coaching services.

Pasha Marlowe

Pasha Marlowe

Professional Speaker & Neurodiversity Coach

Pasha Marlowe is a highly-rated speaker and expert in the field of neurodiversity. She presents to orgnaizations / ERG groups on inclusion, neurodiversity-attirming practices, neurobelonging, and neuroqueering. Her webinars and group coaching sessions are interactive, mind-shifting, empathetic, and often hilarious. Clients leave with tangible and empowering action steps, mindset shifts, and a deep sense of being seen and heard.

Michelle Parkouda

Manager, Research, Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement

Standards Council of Canada

Michelle Parkouda is the Manager, Research at the Standards Council of Canada (SCC).  She is responsible for leading research to demonstrate the economic and social value of standardization.  She is also the Chair of the Team of Specialists on Gender-Responsive Standards at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.  At the UNECE, she led the development of guidelines on how to develop gender-responsive standards.  Michelle has published research on the topics of gender, diversity, and trade.  She has a PhD in Social Psychology from McGill University.

AnaLori Smith

Accessibility Subject-Matter Expert, Public Sector Operations and Inclusion, Respectful & Inclusive Workplace

Canada School of Public Service

AnaLori Smith is a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) professional who currently serves as the Accessibility Subject-Matter Expert for the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS). She leads CSPS’s Accessibility Learning Series, a program that teaches public servants to be more inclusive and helps create a barrier-free public service.

Previously, AnaLori was the co-founder and co-chair of the Treasury Board’s Accessibility Network, which aimed to promote accessibility confidence and disability inclusion across the department. She also played a critical role in directing the development and implementation of departmental accessibility plans, streamlined accommodation processes and hybrid work models at the Treasury Board and Finance Canada.

Part of what makes AnaLori an asset to the public service is the perspective she approaches it with. She’s a millennial woman. She is a person of colour. She is a wheelchair user with cerebral palsy. She is a proud pansexual woman, meaning she is attracted to people regardless of their gender identity (in her words “an attraction to the full, nuanced spectrum of humanity”), who came out to her chosen family at age 30. It’s this nuanced, intersectional identity that allows AnaLori to make her mark on Canada’s public service with empathy and lived experience.

AnaLori is not shy about her disability. In fact, she loves speaking about it in high-profile professional settings for education and training purposes. And, as a fierce advocate for the advancement of disability justice and psychological safety, she also speaks about accessibility confidence, anti-racism, disability inclusion and intersectionality. She uses her voice and power to respectfully call-in (not call-out) but call-in policies, practices, and strategies which champion the status quo and empty checkbox exercises.