With the clock ticking you need to know how to efficiently and correctly implement all necessary steps to meet your deadlines or you may face serious penalties and damning publicity. Practical Pay Equity for Federally Regulated Employers is specifically designed to provide detailed practical information on implementation: Everything you need, from creating your job classes and the determination of gender, considerations determining the value of the work,  to comparing compensation to determine whether there are any differences in compensation between job classes of equal value, all the way to posting, pay out and plan sustainability.

Benefit from Instructive exercises including how to:

The agenda will also include practical information on authorization requests and notices in cases where you are  part of a “group of employers”; Require Multiple Pay Equity Plans;  Have issues forming a Pay Equity Committee or selecting a Compensation Comparison Method and more.

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Policy Capturing: The Faster Method of Valuing Work With Deadlines Looming
Renée Caron, Principal, Renée Caron Consulting