Infonex: Sales Team URL Builder

This important tool will aid you in creating URLs to your Sales PDFs or links you provide to the website that can be tracked and associated back to you! All your email communications should use links built with this tool.

Every link that comes from you (email signatures too!) should have been constructed with this tool.

First Name: This will create and additional "code" using your name that will help with tracking.
Last Name:
Your Sales Code: Enter the same code that appears on your Sales PDF for "Discount Code".
Choose Type: IMPORTANT: You must select correctly if sending a PDF link, or link to the website.
URL: Enter the website link you want to send a lead to. It can be any link that points to our website.
Hyperlink Text: Enter the text to use for creating a hyperlink. You'll be able to paste this directly into your email.

Your Tracking URL:

Your HTML Hyperlink: