1. Preparing your materials

Prior to the conference, you will need to prepare materials, which form the basis of your presentation. We will distribute your materials to the delegates who consider them very useful both during the conference and as a reference tool.

Speaker Biography

Please provide a biography. The chair will be responsible for introducing you at the conference. Your biography will also be included in the binder for the delegates.

Presentation Material

Please provide an electronic copy of any written material you will be presenting to the delegates. Many presentations are undermined by a failure to provide delegates with copies of presentation materials. Delegates are very interested in the material and wish to make personal notes during the discussion. If there are corrections or add-ons to your paper after the course, kindly send us a soft copy of these changes, and we will post the revised copy in our “downloads” section of the website.

Power Point Presentation

Please note that delegates expect to receive a copy of every slide presentation. If you do not plan to use a visual presentation provide a summary for the workbook highlighting the key points of your presentation.

Submitting Your Materials

Please email your presentation material to your Conference Administrator at least 3 weeks prior to the conference.

Late Submission of Materials

We cannot photocopy materials supplied the day of the conference. Any documentation not received prior to the event must be photocopied and distributed at the conference by the speaker.