Day One: Tuesday, April 23, 2024

11:45 EDT

60 min
Casey Neathway Caitlin Buxton-Carr

Climate and Emergencies: Beyond Environmental Impacts

Casey Neathway, Director, Regional Health Emergency Management and Environmental Public Health Services, First Nations Health Authority (Vernon, British Columbia)

Caitlin Buxton-Carr, Manager of Health Emergency Management, First Nations Health Authority (Nanaimo, British Columbia)

  • The presentation will explore how a changing climate is impacting environmental emergencies, infectious diseases, and the public health impacts of these
  • Using case studies, the role of climate change in the frequency, intensity, and nature of emergencies will be examined
  • Considerations for public health, including the importance of a resilient healthcare system, will be demonstrated, including the need for a foundational Indigenous-led approach to wellness

12:45 EDT

45 min


15:30 EDT

60 min
Shalyn Pigeon

First Nations Health Authority – Supporting Interior Region Communities through the 2023 Wildfires

Shalyn Pigeon, Regional Manager, Health Emergency Management, First Nations Health Authority (Kamloops, British Columbia)

  • Overview of the FNHA Health Emergency Management response structure
  • Overview of community impacts throughout the Summer 2023
  • FNHA supports at emergency support service reception centers
  • Other FNHA community supports
  • Continued advocacy work and next steps

16:30 EDT

Closing Remarks from the Chair

Day Two: Wednesday, April 24, 2024

10:30 EDT

60 min
Case Study

FIrst Nations Indigenous Evacuations in Manitoba

Terry Skipper, Provincial Manager of Emergency Response and Recovery, Shared Health-Soins Communs (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

  • Coordinated emergency shelters for displaced Indigenous communities.
  • Implemented evacuation plans to ensure safety and well-being.
  • Mobilized resources for rapid relocation and assistance.
  • Facilitated communication between government agencies and Indigenous leaders.
  • Executed culturally sensitive support services during evacuations

12:30 EDT

45 min


14:15 EDT

60 min
Maeengan Linklater

First Nations Adaptation of the Incident Command System to Prepare for Community Emergencies

Maeengan Linklater, Director Of Operations, Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

  • Implement culturally tailored training sessions
  • Establish dedicated liaison roles within the community to facilitate communication and coordination during emergencies
  • Develop customized emergency response plans integrating traditional knowledge and practices to enhance resilience and preparedness

16:15 EDT

Closing Remarks from the Chair