Effective HR Management means a stronger workforce, better retention, improved competencies and reduced exposure to legal risks. HR best practices also results in less absenteeism, a healthier workplace environment and greater overall success for your organization. Reaching your goals of improved capacity and stability in your workforce will help you meet the challenges of day to day operations as well as long term forecasting. This conference on HR Management for Indigenous Communities will prepare you to meet and exceed these goals with a blend of traditional methods, new techniques and a forward-looking approach to getting the best from your team and community resources.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Incorporate tradition in HR Management Approaches
  • Position Indigenous women for management roles
  • Hear best practices and good governance to achieve results
  • Learn about compassionate leadership techniques
  • Deal with lateral violence and bullying
  • Explore conflict resolution techniques using traditional practices
  • Hear about legal updates on managers and overtime requirements
  • Insights into duty to accommodate substance use and mental health
  • Manage Indigenous HR in urban environments
  • Build healthcare HR capacities in your community
  • Make the most of your HR Team and Resources
Legal Human Resources Issues for Indigenous Communities
Helping you Build Successful Indigenous Workplace Inclusion Strategies
September 14, 2023