Day One: Tuesday, September 12, 2023

11:45 EDT

60 min
Shawna Cote

Lateral Violence in the Workplace

Shawna Cote, Executive Director, Qu'Appelle Valley Friendship Centre

  • Examine how lateral violence impacts employee wellbeing and performance
  • Discover best practices to mitigate and address the effects of lateral violence
  • Understand the implications of workplace Harassment and Discrimination policies on Indigenous communities
  • Explore strategies to increase cultural sensitivity when addressing claims of discrimination in the workplace
  • Learn key information about the duty to accommodate for Indigenous employees

12:45 EDT

45 min


13:30 EDT

60 min
Jackson Dionne

Indigenous Wellness and Training Development

Jackson Dionne, Executive Director, Indigenous Wellness Training Society

  • Unearth best practices for creating tailored wellness training solutions for Indigenous communities
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to ensure an equitable workplace for Indigenous employees
  • Explore cultural considerations for successful HRM strategies in Indigenous communities
  • Discover innovative approaches to employee well-being and development in diverse cultural contexts
  • Participate in facilitated discussions to share knowledge and collaborate on actionable solutions

15:30 EDT

60 min
Jeff Robert

Building a Hand Drum: Using Traditional Knowledge, Technology, and Community Wisdom to Create Strategic Alignment

Jeff Robert, Owner, Workplace Ki

Day Two: Wednesday, September 13, 2023

10:30 EDT

60 min
Danielle Bazinet Dale Ahenakew

Authenticity in the Workplace

Danielle Bazinet, Director, Human Resources, Assembly of First Nations

Dale Ahenakew, Human Resources Generalist, Assembly of First Nations

  • Examine how to create a workplace environment that is culturally aware and fosters an atmosphere of inclusivity
  • Explore the role of HRM in developing authentic relationships with Indigenous communities
  • Understand the importance of authenticity in an Indigenous workplace culture
  • Analyze best practices for leveraging traditional values within a professional setting
  • Learn how to foster meaningful connections between employees and Indigenous communities

11:30 EDT

60 min
Richel Davies

Supporting Indigenous Employee Wellbeing Through Benefits Plans and HR Policies

Richel Davies, Senior Manager, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Scotiabank

  • External events and the impact on Indigenous Employees
  • Employee Health Benefits for Indigenous Employees
  • Flexible workplaces and job sharing – part of a healthy workplace
  • Supporting time off for wellness and healing, staying connected during extended Leaves, and Returning to the workplace
  • Support plans for Indigenous Employees in Crisis

12:30 EDT

45 min


13:15 EDT

45 min
Shauna Ironstar

Recruiting and Retaining Indigenous Talent

Shauna Ironstar, Associate Vice President Human Resources, First Nations Bank of Canada

  • Uncover best practices for developing effective HRM for Indigenous communities
  • Learn about recruitment methods that promote inclusivity and equity in the workplace
  • Understand the importance of fostering an inclusive culture to ensure the long-term success of diverse team members
  • Discover ways to provide meaningful opportunities for career development and advancement among Indigenous employees
  • Gain valuable insight into how to retain Indigenous talent within your organization

14:00 EDT

45 min
Shona L. Nelson

Integrating Culture and Cultural Practices into the Workplace

Shona L. Nelson, Band Manager & Chief Administrative Officer, Doig River First Nation

  • Leverage best practices to identify and develop strategies to resource Indigenous communities
  • Explore innovative financing options to secure resources for Indigenous initiatives
  • Recognize the importance of culturally appropriate services when addressing the issue of inadequate resources
  • Gain insight into how to build sustainable capacity within Indigenous communities
  • Identify key stakeholders in the discussion around resourcing Indigenous communities

14:45 EDT

45 min
Shawna-Kay Thomas

Redefining HR: Focus on Humans and Relationships

Shawna-Kay Thomas, Director, Corporate Communications & Culture, Pipikwan Pêhtâkwan

This presentation  will discuss redefining HR by exploring ways of knowing and doing that put people and relationships at the center. You will leave the session feeling prepared to strengthen or start making changes in how HR functions are viewed and redefining your employee experience!

The presenter will cover:

  • What it means to center humans and relationships and how this connects with decolonization
  • Considerations for redefining HR with focus on humans and relationships
  • Outcomes and impact of focusing on employees and building meaningful relationships in the workplace

Legal Human Resource Issues: Thursday, September 14, 2023

10:30 EDT

60 min
Darwin Hanna

Wrongful Dismissals in Indigenous Communities

Darwin Hanna, Partner, Callison & Hanna, Indigenous Law

  • Explore legal implications of wrongful dismissals in Indigenous communities
  • Examine the Human Resources policies and procedures needed to protect against wrongful dismissals
  • Identify the impact of wrongful dismissals on Indigenous communities
  • Analyze the correlation between workplace discrimination and wrongful dismissal rates
  • Learn best practices for fair and equitable HR processes in Indigenous communities

11:30 EDT

60 min
Scott A. McCann

Addressing Bullying and Harassment in the Indigenous Workplace

Scott A. McCann, Partner, Zacharias Vickers LLP

  • Understand legal definitions and implications of bullying and harassment in the Indigenous workplace
  • Gain insights on how to create an effective anti-harassment policy
  • Learn best practices for recognizing, responding to, and preventing bullying
  • Comprehensively review current approaches for implementing a respectful workplace culture
  • Develop strategies for addressing the root causes of workplace bullying and harassment

12:30 EDT

45 min


13:15 EDT

60 min
Joshua D. Sutherland

Effective Employment Policies within an Indigenous Lens

Joshua D. Sutherland, Partner, Zacharias Vickers LLP

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of Indigenous employment policies
  • Gain key insights from successful Indigenous organizations
  • Engage with industry experts on best practices for policy implementation
  • Explore strategies for creating an inclusive and culturally sensitive workplace
  • Examine the legal implications of Indigenous employment policies

14:15 EDT

60 min
Virginia Lomax

First Nations Labour Relations: Federal or Provincial Jurisdiction?

Virginia Lomax, Lawyer & Principal, Lomax Law

  • Understand the complexities of First Nations Labour Relations under federal or provincial jurisdiction
  • Analyze the impact of jurisdictional disputes on Indigenous communities
  • Explore current trends and best practices associated with labor laws within this context
  • Examine case studies to identify solutions for improving labor relations between First Nations and governments
  • Discuss strategies for creating a better system of Indigenous-focused labor relations

15:15 EDT

60 min
Leslie Anne St. Amour

Workplace Investigations and Disputes in Indigenous Settings

Leslie Anne St. Amour, Lawyer, Durant Barristers

  • Lateral violence and the challenges
  • Investigation in small communities and the challenges
  • Building in Indigenous perspectives
  • Alternative dispute resolution opportunities
  • Ensuring a trauma informed process