Day One: Tuesday, October 24, 2023

11:45 EDT

60 min
Amir Rahmani

Focusing on Critical Functions to Boost Operational Resilience

Amir Rahmani, Chief Risk Officer, Gore Mutual Insurance

  • Using the organization’s critical functions to anchor and align operational resilience programs
  • How risk appetite statements and limits can inform decision making and support resilience
  • Breaking down silos between Third-Party Risk, Cyber and Technology Risk, Business Continuity Management
  • Helping the organization understand that if everything is important, then nothing is
  • How protecting critical function through operational resilience can foster a risk culture and support the organization’s values and goals

12:45 EDT

45 min


13:30 EDT

60 min
Ladanna James

Adverse Media: The Missing Element in Your ORM Framework

Ladanna James, Head of Partnerships, Valital Technologies

  • Define and understand the role of adverse media in a risk-based approach within financial institutions
  • Recognize the fundamental role of AI in adverse media analysis and how it complements human judgment
  • Explore how generative AI can add another layer of analysis
  • Hear use cases of adverse media screening in a risk-based framework
  • Questions to consider as part of a risk-based media checklist

Day Two: Wednesday, October 25, 2023

10:30 EDT

60 min
Katherine Macpherson Adeline Cheng Roxanne Meilleur Saad Ali Isaac De Souza
Panel Discussion

Preparing for the New Normal in a World of Disruption and Increasing Regulatory Expectations

Moderator: Katherine Macpherson, Principal, KM Risk Consulting Ltd.

Adeline Cheng, Operational Risk and Resilience Lead, Financial Services Risk Management (FSRM), EY

Roxanne Meilleur, Vice President, Enterprise and Operational Risk, Coast Capital Savings

Saad Ali, Senior Director, Finance & Treasury Audit, CIBC

Isaac De Souza, Artificial Intelligence & Emerging Technology Risk Officer, BMO

  • Hear about the latest expectations for internal control frameworks and risk management practices
  • Implement compliance for operational risk management, internal controls, and risk governance
  • Understand the importance of risk culture and operational resilience
  • Learn the benefits for your organization
  • Lessons learned from previous regulatory initiatives highlight the need for effective risk management practices

11:30 EDT

60 min
Katherine Macpherson

Connecting the Dots of Operational Resilience

Katherine Macpherson, Principal, KM Risk Consulting Ltd.

  • Overview of regulatory landscape
  • What is new?
  • Overview of the operational resilience lifecycle
  • How to integrate and embed operational resilience within existing operational risk management programs
  • Lessons learned from global implementation of operational resilience programs

12:30 EDT

45 min


13:15 EDT

60 min
Iain Wright

Lessons Learned: Understanding Third-Party Resilience and Risks

Iain Wright, Chief Risk Officer, Canada, and Global Head of Operational Risk, Canada Life

  • Understand key challenges in managing third-party risks including more visibility and control over third-party activities
  • Understanding the resilience of suppliers
  • Develop strategies for mitigating third-party risks in suppliers such as contractual controls, due diligence, and ongoing monitoring
  • Hear case studies illustrating successful third-party risk management
  • Lessons learned from previous incidents include effective incident response planning and communication

14:15 EDT

60 min
Sree Kunnath

Digital Risk Transformation: Embracing Disruptive Technologies in Risk

Sree Kunnath, Partner, Risk Consulting, KPMG Canada

  • Age of disruptive technologies and its challenges and opportunities to organizations risk functions
  • Where organizations are investing to improve agility and customer experience within risk
  • Analyze and implement the right technology solutions tailored to organizational culture
  • Embracing of disruptive technologies and its benefits within risk function transformation

Pre-Conference Workshop: Monday, October 23, 2023

13:00 EDT

180 min
Katherine Macpherson
Pre-Conference Workshop

Operational Risk 101

Katherine Macpherson, Principal, KM Risk Consulting Ltd.

This half-day workshop is for newcomers to operational risk, those wanting a career in operational risk, and for those where operational risk is now a part of their role or responsibilities, and for those who need to have a good understanding of effective operational risk management (ORM) programs.

This workshop will provide you with a meaningful understanding of operational risk management through experiential  learning.  By the end of the workshop, you will be able to: understand increasing regulatory expectations, discuss your challenges with embedding an effective ORM program, describe ORM building blocks and be an intentional and effective operational risk manager.

  1. Regulatory landscape
  2. Operational Risk ecosystem
  3. ORM value proposition
  4. Foundational elements of ORM
    1. Operational Risk Appetite
    2. Operational Risk Taxonomy
    3. Operational Risk Events (ORE)
    4. Risk & Control Self Assessment (RCSA)
    5. Key Risk Indicators
    6. Scenario Analysis
    7. Issue Management
    8. Operational Risk reporting
  5. User centric training
  6. Characteristics of an effective operational risk manager